Sunday, December 23, 2007

What Treasure

What manner of treasure
Have you to offer, my love
Do you remember
Where you left the key
To your treasure chest
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stay By The Light

Keep the light within your sight
My Love
When clouds come closing in
There is no one here
Who has the key
To lead you back
Whence you came

They will call to you enticingly
Show you their wares
Give you their promises
Sell with their smart tongue
Dancers and songsters
Magicians and tricksters
Trying mightily to remember
Their own way back to love
Who will show the way
Each himself lost with no recall

Don’t stray far from the light
My Heart
Stay softly awake, alert
No longer need you lurk in shadows
Hiding from your fears

All things come fulfilled
Here by the light
And love pours out in heaps and piles
And peeps through the parting clouds
Now at last they can find their way
Each one of them will return someday

Stay by the light
My Sweet
And your love will find you
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

Monday, September 17, 2007

Taking my body for a walk

I like to take my body for a walk every morning.

Yesterday was a particularly beautiful morning. The sun was glistening of the morning dew on the grass, clear blue skies and the unmistakable air of approaching fall – cool, crisp and crystalline. My body’s happiness knew no bounds. The heart opened up to breathe in life to the fullest. There was a certain spring in the steps like a child out at play. Walking felt like dancing, each part moving in rhythm step after step – well coordinated, well synchronized – loving every bit of the morning.

My neighbors take their dogs out to walk. (And their bodies too – but probably don’t see it from this perspective). So we meet Tyson and Phoebe and Lola and Gracie and Spike and Goldie as they walk with their masters and mistresses. How like my own body these dogs are – excited and exuberant to be out in the morning air. Gracie the darling dog wants to make friends with everyone she meets – look at me, love me, pet me, she calls out as she drags her owner towards me. Her mistress tries hard to reign her leash in and keep her within bounds. Partly exasperated, partly embarrassed, she apologizes.

I understand perfectly. My body too wants to wave, greet and smile at everyone. It wants to make small talk as if to say ‘here we are on this beautiful morning sharing space on this gorgeous planet, do you see, do you feel what I feel?’ It wants to dance and jump with joy. But like Gracie’s mistress, I too ask my body to contain its enthusiasm, lest it is a bother for others.

Today too I took my body for a walk and we met a new dog – a handsome black and red Collie. Master and dog approached us. About a fifty yards before we met, master quietly spoke to the dog and the dog obediently moved over to one side to allow us enough space to pass. And as we passed, both master and dog greeted us with their bright beautiful morning smiles and walked on. It was then that I noticed that this dog was not tethered by a leash, and yet walking along calmly close to his master. No frisky running about, no chasing after strangers for a quick pet, no excessive curiosity – just taking a brisk walk in the sun. Master and dog enjoying the morning.

That’s how I’d like my body to be – like that red and black Collie. No need for a leash to be pulled and contained. No longer needing to be disciplined or controlled, just a quiet acceptance that all is well, ever heeding its master’s voice – my soul.

And one of these days if all goes well, I may even qualify for an upgraded model. Until then this body of mine and I will keep playing and dancing. And taking walks in the morning.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Treatise on Love

“I don’t know what to do with her love,” he said.

Oh just take it and think nothing of it.

“Oh no, couldn’t possibly do that. Love comes with strings attached you know. If I receive her love, she will take it as a signal for a promise of reciprocation. And then she will expect me to become responsible for loving her, for taking care of her emotional well-being, her happiness. She will look to me for nurturing. Expectations piling upon expectations. A trap it is. I have stepped into that before. Those loving strings will keep binding you till they turn into a noose around your neck and leave you gasping for breath.”

What if she just loves you for the sake of love itself? What if you just let yourself enjoy it? What if you could become like a child once again and receive all the loving that came your way. And just like the child you never think of the ‘what ifs’, or of returning it measure for measure. What if you were to reclaim your innocence, your own naturally loving self? Can you let yourself allow the love in, soak and bask in it like a child? Let the splendor of it naturally radiate back from you? Because loving is so infectious, so contagious? What if you just enjoyed it?

“Is that at all possible? Is it even fair, this take-what-you-get loving with nary a thought? Should I not have to do something, earn it somehow? Work at it to keep it? And ‘do’ some more to keep it coming? Can anyone love in this fashion and expect no promises in return? Is it possible, this loving without claims?"

No one knows the answer to that. All we know is that that is the very kind of loving we have thirsted after since the day we were born – that unconditional, boundless, endless loving. This is the greatest treasure we have longed for all through life. Only that which is given first may return one day. May be she too wants to know if it is possible?

So can you just receive her love, enjoy it, bask in it and let it be just that?

And leave the rest to God?

Monday, July 9, 2007

The Gift

from somewhere
something happens

We meet someone
and suddenly
our hearts open up
like never before

We reach inside
for our deepest
and our richest
treasures to offer

receiving some
squandering some
the stranger moves on

Leaving us
holding our riches
in our hands
in full view

And we remember
once again
the treasure trove
is waiting within

As an offering
for the divine
the mystical
the magnificent soul.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Surrogate Tapping

Dear Gary,

(This is addressed to Gary Craig, EFT Founder and Master Tapper at

It really has been so wonderful to have entered the world of Emotional Freedom Technique a few short years ago. Among all the energy tools I use in my practice, this is my favorite. EFT burrows its way underneath the conscious mind and somehow digs up the issues related to the problem – kind of lets it bubble up. There are many wonderful experiences I could share, but today I want to tell you mainly about my success with surrogate tapping. (Names have been altered to protect my clients’ privacy).

The first case is about Jean. Jean is in her 60s but has carried an enormous amount of ‘mother damage’ all her life. Her life was focused on getting approval from her ever critical mother as she was growing up. Then, as often happens, she married men who displayed the same disapproving characteristics like her mother. When she came to me, Jean had been through three marriages and still bitter about her mom, though mom had passed more than ten years ago. We did several sessions around ‘even though my mother didn’t approve of……etc’, chopping the trees as we went along. Jean was feeling better but I kept thinking that the releases were painfully slow.

That was until we did the surrogate tapping. I was inspired to ask Jean one day to pretend that she was her mom Rose and we both started to tap. I tapped on myself as if I was Rose, as did Jean. We tuned into the energy of this dead lady and let the thoughts and the word come out as they did. It was as if a volcano was waiting to erupt. Jean quickly tuned in emotionally to Rose’s feelings of being trapped in a loveless marriage, her frustration, her anger, her sense of helplessness, her need to please everyone, and the near complete erosion of her sense of self. The most touching piece was that Rose who had been raised in a faith different to her husband’s had to hide her practice because he did not approve. This had filled Rose with a tremendous sense of guilt and a belief that she was rejected by God beyond any hope of redemption. Though Jean knew the history, it was the first time she was able to emotionally experience the utter desolation her mother must have gone through. She wept copiously as we continued to tap. Slowly as the energies shifted (about 45 mins), Jean was able to regard this woman that she had always viewed as selfish and manipulative, with compassion. In the last part of the session (25 mins) we tapped on forgiveness. “I forgive my mother, she was doing the best she knew” and “I forgive myself (Jean), for my inability to understand you, Mom. I love you Mom”.

Jean says she feels more at peace with herself now than ever before.

The second case is about Linda whose 24 year old son Ron was in a graduate program 1500 miles from home and was suffering from prolonged bouts of depression that was affecting his academic performance. He was very uncertain about his future. Linda was concerned for her son, but also filled with guilt around her divorce from Ron’s father when Ron was 8. She felt this was the root of Ron’s depressions.

We first tapped on Linda’s guilt around the divorce. The tapping seemed to take Linda deeper into sadness around in how many ways she may have failed her son.

At one point I suggested we switch to surrogate tapping for Ron. And we did that. “Even though my parents have no time for me…….” “Even though the only time I got attention was when I was ill. ….” And so forth. When I felt that the energy had shifted and Linda was considerably lighter, we tapped in positive reframes on Ron’s behalf. “I am young, strong and healthy. I love what I do. I love my courses. I am really good at these subjects. I am one of the best. There is a great future waiting for me. I am worthy and deserving of it….” And so forth. Now there was a palpable shift in the energy. The session was about 90 minutes long. Linda was feeling calm and hopeful about her son.

Later she reported that Ron’s depression had dissipated almost immediately. He was soon enthusiastically applying for jobs. In less than a month, Ron was accepted as an intern in a prestigious technical institute on the east coast.

Thank you Gary, for teaching this marvelous tool that can change the quality of one’s life so powerfully.

Malabika Shaw

Monday, June 25, 2007

Law of Attraction in Action

You are pure energy. Have you heard that said? Einstein did say all matter is energy. Moreover now quantum physicists are proving that not only are all matter energy, but every thought we think is energy too. Each has a vibrational frequency of its own.” Really,” you may say, “and even if they do, what does it have to do with me? Does it really affect my world?” It does significantly, and here is how.

Energy frequencies follow the law of attraction. They attract more of the vibrations they run. Birds of a feather tend to flock together, so to speak. So if your thoughts are lighthearted, loving and kind, which are high frequency vibrations, you will attract to yourself loving and kind people. If your thoughts hang out in the realm of the dark and dense, such as ‘no one is worth trusting’, or ‘life is hard’ or ‘I am fearful’, then guess what? You will attract to yourself circumstances that validate exactly that what you are thinking.

That is the universal law of how energy works. It works without fail and without discrimination, whether you know it or not. How do you know what kind of vibrations you are running? Look at what is going on in your life as evidence, because that is what you have attracted to yourself. You are sure to find some good stuff and some not so good. There you are. You are running a bunch of positive frequencies and some not so positive ones and you are doing it consciously, subconsciously or even unconsciously.

“Nah”, you are now saying to yourself, “this sounds too simple to be true. Are you saying that I can just think my success into existence? Then wouldn’t everyone think themselves into being rich and happy? Or that I am somehow responsible for thinking myself into all the misery and struggle I experience? Why would anyone in his right mind do that?”

Folks, I am saying precisely that, no matter how much it may boggle the mind. We are just about becoming wise to the amazing power of thought and deliberate intention. We are scratching the surface of this enormously potent tool we have stumbled upon. We can attract what we want in our lives by learning to create those thought vibrations. It is more than just thinking positive and affirmations.

Simple as it may sound though, this process is not easy. Why? Because most of our thoughts are spontaneous. Our minds have been trained to think in a particular way and we do that automatically, without even realizing. So now we need to examine that in depth and relearn to think in a whole different way. It is like learning to work with new software, a bit sticky at first, but hugely rewarding once it starts to work. There is an exciting world out there waiting to be explored.

For more information on the World of Energy call Malabika