Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More on Meditation instead of medication.

Perhaps I need to clarify a bit. Comments posted by devoted TM practitioners suggest grave objections to my 'using the evidence of TM to promote other stuff' which they feel may not be as effective.

I wish to add that I have been a practitioner of TM from the early 70s and have first hand knowledge of its benefits. I have also learned and practiced other types of meditations from yoga and tantra origins. I have found everything to be beneficial in different contexts.

In my own practice I have been successful in helping clients reduce and even get off various kinds of medications, sometimes after years of use. And it is done through simple meditative and energy healing practices. So even though I don't have libraries of research studies to quote, I cannot deny the evidence experienced first hand.

My article was intended to open up the readers to alternate techniques.

I hold the single minded practitioners of TM in high regard becauce their practice is indeed raising the human consciousness enough that others can now access levels of consciousness that was previously inaccessible. So thankyou for your devotion to the practice.

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