Saturday, August 2, 2008

EFT stories for Gary Craig

Hello Gary,

I have just returned from two weeks of vacation. I wish to share some short and sweet experiences with surrogate EFT during my travels – all involving little children.

The first was at the airport as we were beginning to board. There was a family with three young children. One of the boys, my guess of around two and half or three, seemed to be in absolute despair at the prospect of going into the plane. He was flat on the ground, flailing his hands and legs refusing to get up and screaming. The mother was trying to console him. His dad stood by looking rather helpless and a little embarrassed, and the siblings bewildered.

I was attracted by all the commotion. I walked up to the Dad and said ‘ask his Mom to gently tap on his collarbone’ (for some reason I intuited that would help). You can imagine the Dad’s confused expression at this strange woman asking to do something quite bizarre. “Tap on what….?” He asked. I repeated “collarbone”. And then as if to demonstrate, I stood right there and tapped on my own collarbone repeating in my head “even though I am really scared to get in that plane, it’s ok, I’ll be safe”, “My Mom is right here, I’ll be ok”, “It’s very scary, I’ll be ok”, ‘my Dad is right here, I’ll be safe”, and so on. I couldn’t tell whether the Mom actually tapped on him or not.

It would have taken about a minute, you could see the sudden shift. This child who was quite inconsolable till now sat up determinedly and between sobs said to his mother, ‘ok. I will go with you. Hold my hand, I will go with you”. That’s what I heard and saw the immense relief on both parents’ faces as they collected their belongings and headed for the plane.

The next incident was on a different flight. Again there was an infant some rows behind me crying quite inconsolably. I couldn’t see them but heard the Mom getting rather desperate. I tuned in and employed the surrogate technique and again it took less than two minutes to become quiet. I got a sense that the baby was asleep.

The third incident was at a restaurant during the same trip. A family of four was dining and their little girl on a high chair suddenly let out an almighty scream and proceeded to bawl. The parents tried to console her but she went on. Our attention was drawn. I remembered my airplane incidents, and asked my 14 year old niece who was with me “you want to help quiet this child?” She has learnt basic EFT from me. I told her to tune in to the kid and follow what I was doing. We both did a couple of rounds on ‘even though mommy won’t give me that thing, it’s ok, she loves me’. My niece kept grinning as she watched this child quiet down.

I have to smile each time this happens. Skeptics may think it’s a series of coincidences. I am ok with that. Who knows. I know that I’ll tap whenever the opportunity arises and let the happy coincidences bring the parents some peace.

Thanks Gary.

Malabika Shaw
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

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