Friday, September 7, 2012

What the Buddhas Left Behind

Months ago when my friend Rita Henry asked me to participate in the 'Buddha Relics' tour event in Des Moines, I have to admit that I started out with some skepticism. The idea of going to view 'relics' -- which to me mostly meant bits of nail, hair, bone or other parts left behind by people who have been dead for centuries-- held no interest or fascination for me whatsoever. I could pass it by.

As the event approached, the community here appeared to be getting very charged. On a daily basis I was getting invitations and information about the event. So partly out of curiosity, and partly to hang out with my friends, I decide to sign up as a volunteer for the event.

What happened during those three days last month was 'out of this world' as we have known it..

The relics turned out to be most fascinating in themselves. They appear as beautiful gemstones. It seems as if when the great Buddhas pass on, and their bodies are cremated, some kind of an alchemy takes place. The body matter continues to hold such high levels of energy that they coalesce as little bits of pearls, diamonds and other precious jewels. It is as if the Masters leave behind parts of their earthly being to continue to hold and emanate the energy they held in their hearts in their own lifetimes.

There were the jewels from the remains of the great Gautama Buddha himself. They were beautiful to behold. And the very idea that these relics were lovingly held in the monasteries for over 2500 years by their custodians is in itself enough to give you goose bumps. But the real gift was beyond their appearance or the idea of their vintage. There was something more, something unexplained.

As I approached the sanctuary, my sense of awe was soon replaced by a feeling as if my heart wanted to burst open with love. Then a sense of deep peace descended upon me like a warm blanket. There was no place to go, nothing to accomplish. Just being seemed gift enough. The mind chatter slowly receded. And even though there were a couple of hundred people there at anytime, the air of reverence and  loving compassion remained throughout. I was drawn to spend most of my waking hours being close to the relics that weekend.

Words can only say so much. The experience is far richer. I went out of curiosity, I came away transformed. And like Rita, it is my turn now to invite you to this opportunity of a lifetime to be touched and transformed.

To see when the Buddha Relics are some place near you visit Buddhs Relics Tour. 
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