Saturday, December 21, 2013

2014: Four Quick Steps to Feeling Groovy

The old patterns are breaking down fast as the planet goes through a major shift in vibration. The sun is getting ready to switch poles. Consciousness is expanding, rising and calling to us to come back into alignment with the greater whole.

New patterns are emerging. New patterns are emerging powerfully and can no longer be ignored.

Here is a short program to clue you right into what is going on. Merging downloads from Spirit via meditation with ideas and practices presented by cutting edge scientists, advocates and thought leaders of our times such as Nassim Haramein, Foster Gamble and Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dolores Cannon, Deepak Chopra, Lynn McTaggart.... and several channels, this program presents the emerging patterns. More importantly, it teaches four critical steps necessary to ensure we remain in the flow. We will practice the technique.

This is a great time to be alive. Take this opportunity to amp life up a notch or two as we embark into the New Year. ("If you wish", as my 30 some months old grand daughter says). Freedom of choice. Freedom to create.

Date and Time: Thursday, January 2, 2014, 9.00 PM EST
Duration: About one hour.
Location: Wherever you may be via phone or internet.
Cost: $20.00.

Email to register.

Love to see you.
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Five Fantastic Free Will Fridays this Festival Season

This is an invitation.

I love my job. The most exciting part of it is to be able to spread out the wonder of energy healing and conscious living. Once you start to experience the benefit, it stays with you. So to create an opportunity for all those who wish to try it out, and in appreciation of all that is and will be, I am offering Five Free Will Fridays this Festival Season. 

The dates are Fridays November 22, December 6, 13, 20 and 27th.

What does this mean? 

On each of these days,  I am suspending the regular charges for my private sessions. Instead, I am offering 50- minute Individual and Personalized Energy Healing and Clearing Sessions and as energy exchange, you are invited to make a heart-felt Free will Offering of any amount of money you may wish to give.

Who can participate? 

Everyone is welcome, no matter where in the world you may be located. We will mutually adjust the timings accordingly. These sessions can be 
  • in person if you are within driving distance
  • on phone,
  • on the internet ( Skype is my preferred option)
  • or remote/distance healing session via email
Please feel free to take this opportunity whether or not you have experienced energy healing before.
  • You may just be curious, or
  • You may have something that bothers you that you would like to work through, or
  • You may have an ongoing health issue, or
  • You may wish to just relax and rejuvinate. or
  • You may wish to experience one of the many energy techniques I use, or
  • You may wish to learn to meditate, or
  • You may just wish to talk about something that has been on your mind .....

Any or all of that is welcome. If you have the time on one of those dates, please call me at 1.617.795.7060 (H) or 1.515.720.9520 (cell), or email ( to make an appointment. The sessions will be of 50 minutes duration. Four slots are available on each of those days (total of 20 sessions). Choose your date and get on the calendar. It will be on first-come-first-served basis. I am delighted to work with you and will indeed be grateful for the opportunity.

A quick reminder 

In my Energy Healing sessions I apply a combination of Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) and other meditative healing methods. All of these are anchored in spirit. But most of all I support you in experiencing life differently as you shift your perspective.

And a gentle request

Please be sure you will participate once you set up an appointment. Last minute cancellation leads to other people being excluded who could not be accommodated on the first come principle. Should something change, do let me know well in advance. Thank you.

I am excited to be working with you. 

Creating the ability to see Wholeness

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Focus on the Body: An Online Healing program

Here are the details with timings for my latest offering in Energy Healing:

Focusing on the Body: An Online Intensive Healing Program 

(in time to be ready for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season)
Our physical bodies are anchors of our spiritual selves. The body is the soul's messenger and a master communicator. It has superior intelligence and works best when in perfect alignment with our energy bodies and in harmony with our spiritual nature. 
With the earth's shifting vibrations, many people find themselves dealing with inexplicable body issues. The most common refrain I hear is 'the doctors find nothing wrong'. Some common symptoms are 'feeling utterly drained', 'unexplained recurring aches and pains', 'heaviness in the lower abdomen, hips and legs', 'loss of appetite', 'sleeplessness' and so on. How is your body feeling?
No doubt there are foods, diets, exercises, detox, supplements and even medications to support the body. But remember that the body is the last place where disharmony in our energy system manifest. The body needs support to attune to the new energies. This program is designed to address deeper and over arching issues that include
Body Mind relationship
Body memories and impingement from the past
Subconscious programs
World energies
Body consciousness

With energy healing tools release all that keeps your body out of sync. And then continue the practice on your own.
This Healing Program will be conducted through 7 online intensive sessions and background energy work.
How to Join: By phone or via your computer from wherever you are. The fee includes a generous gift of a personalized energy clearing with Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). This will be done prior to the classes. (You may choose to remain anonymous during the calls if you wish.)
Starts on: You will be sent a registration form upon joining. The energy clearing with Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) begins as soon as you register. Don't wait, start feeling the difference. 
Seven online healing sessions will be held on November 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15. Each session will be between 45 and 60 minutes. If you miss one, you will still be included in the healing process and have a recording.
Timings: 9.30 PM US EST, 8.30 PM CST, 7.30 PM MST, 6.30 PM PST. 
For India it will be the following day 8 AM. Others please check your timing 
Course fee: $175 ( $150 if paid by Nov 1)
Call Malabika at 617.795.7060 or email for more information and your registration form.
To take advantage of the early bird price Register here.
Look forward to our energy work together.  
Life is Good, it can only get better.

Your guide to conscious living.
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

Monday, August 5, 2013

Why I Invited Johnny Dolittle into My Life or Conscious Creation.

(This piece has appeared before. It is still a good one to revisit).
What if I really took complete responsibility and accepted that I am the chief architect in creating and holding in place everything that is going on in my life, good, bad or indifferent? What if I truly begin to believe that the state of my consciousness is the most powerful influence to change that? What if I also acknowledged that there are stuff (people, situations, conditions) in my life that fall in categories ranging from ‘oh-I-don’t-really-care-for-that’ going all the way down to ‘I-hate-that’ and ‘that-must-be-squashed-killed-driven-out-banished-from-my-life’? What if I took to heart that I purposely put those things there, so I could evolve on a fast track?
Would my life look different? Feel different? Something to ponder upon, really. I did.
I noticed that Johnny Doolittle with whom I have been really mad for what feels like a century, because he is sooooo negative, downright lazy and will of course never ever change, is now winking at me with the question dancing in the air ‘have you ever been lazy and negative? And have you forgiven yourself for it?’
And that job that I reluctantly drag myself to every Monday morning (gotta pay my bills, you know), the one that suffocates me with the deadlines, timelines, reviews and my monster boss breathing down my neck? Why did I put that there? My inner guide descends from some esoteric realm, stands leaning on the doorpost, cool as a cucumber and says, “Good question, kid. At last you are learning to ask the right ones. Now just wait for the answer.”
The answers are bitter pills to begin with. I never trusted my creative expression. Not for a moment did I let myself believe what I really love doing can and will pay my bills. I let someone else take the risk and the responsibility. I was willing to tag along, toe the line. Everyone needs a job, that’s what people do and so did I and worked hard for others. Become a slave to someone else’s creative organization. And now my spirit is suffocatiing and pleading me to get out. Deep breath.
That I am still here must mean I have yet to prepare myself to take that responsibility. My spirit is standing by, reminding me everyday that’s what I must do…….. that’s what I must do. Meanwhile I am so grateful to the folks I work for that they take the risk, they create a place where I can come and give my hours in exchange of my rent and other bills. One of these days, I have promised myself, I will be working at a place that I enjoy. I am getting ready.
And what about this relationship? What about this partner of mine who was going to make me happy on all counts, support and love me forever? Why do we keep getting into these unpleasant entanglements? Why am I still here? Why do I hang on to him, and he to me? It’s old habit, you say? No?
Old habit, may be, but when did I lose sight of love. I made him such a part of me that now I take him for granted every moment, as I do my hands and feet. My eyes and teeth. When he shovels the snow, paints the basement, replaces the window, fixes the furnace ….. oh of course he is supposed to do that, isn’t he the guy? But why won’t he also do all this other stuff which really I would like to do but don’t have the guts, the conviction or the wherewithal to go and do by myself? Like learning to dance…….. I’d leave in a heartbeat but for the fact thet he pays half the mortgage and I don’t make that much money.
The truth I am trying to accept here is that I am solely responsible for creating this too. Aaaaargh!!!
And how would I change it if I lose sight of love? Isn't that the juice? My inner guide is still leaning on doorpost snickering away, “You are getting it, kid, don’t stop now!!”
Hmmm. Through the eyes of love again then, I guess, it is time to see it all through the eyes of love. Nothing and no one can be take for granted any more. Not their job to make me feel better. No one else is responsible. So thank you, and you and you and you. Thank you today for who you are, what you do and what you add to my life.
Thank you also for what feels like you are taking away without equally returning the favor. Thanks for the reminder. That I am still here must only mean I am utterly blind to the compensation, because I have so taken it for granted. Energies must necessarily be in some degree of balance in order to let the situation exist.
Whew!!! The head spins. Awareness is the first step to making changes. I am. I will. It is set in motion. It is my life and I am the creator.

Your Energy Resources Guide 
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Learning to Work with Our High Self

Spiritual Response Therapy trains us to work with our High Self. This part of us is infinitely wise and infinitely loving. The High Self, once we learn to tune into it, guides us patiently and effectively on our soul's journey and brings ease and joy to our lives. 

Now that is a very attractive proposition, isn't it? Who doesn't want ease and joy? So we embark on our spiritual journey to meet and work with our High Selves. It is only then we begin to realize the degree of our attachment to our ego minds.

Recently I had two such interesting calls....

There was Bob who had the toxic energy between himself and his deceased father cleared with SRT. They had a very contentious relationship while he lived.  The toxic energy was dissolved. The energy shifted significantly.  Then Bob's High Self directed Bob to do some conscious forgiveness work for his Dad as well as for a living sister.  At this Bob was upset. He didn't like being told what to do. 'I don't like my High Self going behind my back and doing things without my say so', is what he told me. I asked him to ponder on who was the 'I' who was talking. 

In a similar case, Jenny wanted SRT clearing to release the energy of trauma from past abuse. The energy had been cleared and released through SRT by several healers. Jenny however kept reliving her trauma and thereby recreating the energy. Her High Self too indicated that forgiveness work at a conscious mind level would greatly benefit her moving on. Jenny was incensed when she heard that. She was not even ready to consider forgiveness.

So there we are folks. Our ego selves love to be in control, to call the shots even if it means misery. The High Self always unfailingly shows the right path. Bob slammed the phone down on me when I pointed out that the 'I' was his ego self. Jenny went off looking for someone else to 'fix' her problem. 

Working with the High Self is not for the lily-livered. First of all it needs acceptance that there indeed is higher guidance coming through, it needs commitment to spiritual work and most of all it needs courage to quieten the familiar voice of the ego and let the High Self speak.

And when we are able to do that, the wonders of life come rushing in bringing with it ease and joy. 
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

Ah The World is Changing Fast

Ah, The World is Changing Fast
Remember the famous song Cat Stevens sang in the 70s. In the song the words that follow are 'Ah this world will never last, I don't want to lose it...... here in my time'. Well forty years later, we are still here.
Now this is the question. Amid all that which is going on in the world .... changing weather patterns, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, mudslides, tornadoes, bush fires, sink holes on the one hand, and GMOs, chemtrails, flouridated water, dead bees, vaccinations, bomb blasts, wikileaks, Bradley Manning on the other.... where exactly are you holding your vibration?
Are you being cynical? Are you echoing Cat Steven's lament, feeling like there are folks out there who are powerful and irresponsible and greedy, and we are victims of this treachery with little power to change it? 
Or, are you filled with hope and delight at the opportunity for change? Are you tuned into the laws of energetic reality uncovering new possibilities each day? Do you know that thoughts and emotions have the power to create? That positive anticipation and expectations are manifold more powerful than fears and anxieties and condemnations. That whatever we hold in our vibrations sooner or later shows up in our reality? That we can dissolve the mass consciousness of fear and calamity by steadfastly holding on to our vision of a beautiful world in the future and by releasing our judgement completely? That meditation has tremendous power to magnify our thoughts and desires? That action that follows meditation has far greater effectiveness? 

Not a single thought, nor a wisp of a feeling goes unspent in this vast universe. It will create. It has to create. That is the law. So where are you spending your life force energy? In which direction are you pressing your shoulders to the wheel? 
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Clearing Relationships with SRT Special Offer February 2013


Care to Clear the Energies of a Relationship (or two)?

I am offering a whopping 40% off during February for you and/or your loved one. 
Relationships have a habit of running into stormy weather, have you noticed? Some storms we walk through, some we skirt around and some we take cover from. But we all know that those issues must be addressed,  sooner or later, for the sake of harmony within our own hearts and within the relationships that we value.  

Throughout February -- 1st to the 28th -- I am offering Relationship Clearing with SRT* and Mentoring Sessions at 40% off my regular price. (You pay only $75 and not the regular $125). *Spiritual Response Therapy. 

No matter where you are located you may access these sessions in private by Skype or phone (Greater Boston residents are welcome to come for the session at my studio at 8, Hay Road, Newton, MA).
In the session, we will apply SRT* to clear energy blocks that may have been created within the relationship by discordant programs and accumulated negative patterns. We will then seed in the new vibration into the body mind space.
It is often necessary to support the new energy with conscious mind work. I will teach you techniques that you can continue to practice at home to change deeply embedded patterns.  
We will work on one vital relationship at a time. This may be a significant other, a parent, a child, a sibling, or any other that is important to you.  

Appointments are offered on first-come-first-served basis. Please call or email me with a few possible dates and times, once you have registered by purchasing a session, and we will set one up at the earliest. 

Click here to register for Clearing Energies of Relationships 

(If you would rather pay by check or direct bank deposit, call or email me).   
I look forward to working with you.  

Love and God Bless,  


1.515.720.9520 (cell) 
Creating the ability to see Wholeness