Monday, June 25, 2007

Law of Attraction in Action

You are pure energy. Have you heard that said? Einstein did say all matter is energy. Moreover now quantum physicists are proving that not only are all matter energy, but every thought we think is energy too. Each has a vibrational frequency of its own.” Really,” you may say, “and even if they do, what does it have to do with me? Does it really affect my world?” It does significantly, and here is how.

Energy frequencies follow the law of attraction. They attract more of the vibrations they run. Birds of a feather tend to flock together, so to speak. So if your thoughts are lighthearted, loving and kind, which are high frequency vibrations, you will attract to yourself loving and kind people. If your thoughts hang out in the realm of the dark and dense, such as ‘no one is worth trusting’, or ‘life is hard’ or ‘I am fearful’, then guess what? You will attract to yourself circumstances that validate exactly that what you are thinking.

That is the universal law of how energy works. It works without fail and without discrimination, whether you know it or not. How do you know what kind of vibrations you are running? Look at what is going on in your life as evidence, because that is what you have attracted to yourself. You are sure to find some good stuff and some not so good. There you are. You are running a bunch of positive frequencies and some not so positive ones and you are doing it consciously, subconsciously or even unconsciously.

“Nah”, you are now saying to yourself, “this sounds too simple to be true. Are you saying that I can just think my success into existence? Then wouldn’t everyone think themselves into being rich and happy? Or that I am somehow responsible for thinking myself into all the misery and struggle I experience? Why would anyone in his right mind do that?”

Folks, I am saying precisely that, no matter how much it may boggle the mind. We are just about becoming wise to the amazing power of thought and deliberate intention. We are scratching the surface of this enormously potent tool we have stumbled upon. We can attract what we want in our lives by learning to create those thought vibrations. It is more than just thinking positive and affirmations.

Simple as it may sound though, this process is not easy. Why? Because most of our thoughts are spontaneous. Our minds have been trained to think in a particular way and we do that automatically, without even realizing. So now we need to examine that in depth and relearn to think in a whole different way. It is like learning to work with new software, a bit sticky at first, but hugely rewarding once it starts to work. There is an exciting world out there waiting to be explored.

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missleigha said...

What a fantastic and easy to follow explanation!!!