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Monday, June 7, 2010

Caught in the Web

As we experience the external reality shift at the rapid rate it is changing now, we will naturally feel frustrated if we are unable to garner the power to stay in step with the changes.

Many people feel as if they are caught in the web -- caught in an opressive job, a bad relationship, a declining health situation, so on and so forth. The perception inevitably is that the power to change all this lies some place outside of me. While this may be true, the only way to make the change is to slowly take that power back -- not necessarily through fight or force, but through

This meditation is designed to take the first steps in order to release oneself from that web.

You may download the Windows media version or the MP3 by clicking here.

Stepping out of the Web.

Enjoy. 12 min.

Creating the ability to see Wholeness