Saturday, July 11, 2020

Spirit Had Something to Say?

Spirit Had Something to Say?
Have been testing these waters a bit in the last few weeks, since I retired my blogging keyboard almost five years ago. And now I have decided to be back in earnest after all.  
Why you may ask?  Why this sudden desire to go back to something you had let go? Well, after a friend encouraged me to restart the blog, I had to ask Spirit, have a quiet conversation. This is how it went.
Spirit: Well, get on with it then. Didn’t you say you would? 
Me: Yes, I did. But have you seen how much stuff is already out there? How it has mushroomed since my early blogging days. Everyone has so much to share. Everyone is everywhere.
Spirit: Yes, I know. I created it. I like abundance. The proliferation. The propagation. The cross-pollination. That’s how new things come into being.
Me: I see that. But who would be interested in my little voice and message? Is it worth it? 
Spirit: And how exactly are you measuring the worth? Whose yardstick is that? Is your life worth living? Did you discover something of worth in your life? Is it valuable? Could someone benefit from that wisdom? Can you simply share your story? Your insights? Is that too much effort?
Me: Ah well, yes, I suppose I can. But how will anyone even find my message after sifting through the barrage of information already out there? There’s a ton. 
Spirit: Aha, I see what your problem is. You have sprung back into that old competitive paradigm. Your ego simply loves it. That is a world where the loudest, the noisiest, the annoying, the dazzling, the biggest, the boldest, all vie with each other to capture the most attention. Ha! Do you seriously want to go back there? And compete? You do know that is passé, right?
Me: Is it? Is it really, Spirit? The evidence out there is it still carries a great deal of sway.
Spirit: Let me tell you. That world ‘out there’ is on its way out. Don’t be making yourself small – you diminish me when you do that. Every bit of wisdom has a place. Every voice resonates with someone. Every offering brings something to someone waiting for it. Nothing is ever lost. It is the power of your love, your trust, your conviction that speaks most loudly. The energy is unmistakable. You build your field. They will come to play.
Spirit continues: And moreover your friends in places far and near, in this and other dimensions are standing by to get it going. Everyone loves an adventure. There is no race here. We will take our time and pleasure in all we do for the glory of life itself. Now get going.
Hmmm. Ah well, thanks for the reminder. What can I say? Yup. I am still here. I am still here to be of service. And as long as there is another idea, another question, another notion, another insight I find of value, I will give it voice. You will find it here. 
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Monisha said...

This is just so beautiful Malabika. Exactly what I needed to hear and feel. Thank you Spirit, thank you Malabika.