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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Seven Primary Fears

As I look around I see more and more people stressed, fearful and overwhelmed. The world appears to be spinning faster, and as it does our fears are churning up and rising to the top, to be released no doubt.

Some years ago my dear friend and mentor, Dorothy Cunningham, gave me a lesson on the seven primary fears. Let me share those with you briefly.

The fear of abandonment

This is a primal fear that each one of us holds by virtue of our birth as human beings. It is a reminder of our separation from the source and from the womb. This is not an individual or exclusive fear.  It plays out in our lives over and over again as fear of rejection.

Fear of lack

Resources are necessary for survival. Fear of lack arises out of a mindset that believes that resources are finite. It is based on our memory of physical evolution in which survival depended on control over physical resources. It stems from the ignorance of the fact that the universe is an infinite and all abundant source. This fear plays out in our mentality to hoard and to cling on to things or relationships that have served their purpose in our lives.

Fear of humiliation

This fear is rooted in our lack of self worth - the inability to see value in ourselves. It is the fear of criticism or making a fool of ourselves, because our sense of worth is so dependent on approval and recognition by others. It plays out strongly in our constant need to conform and be socially accepted.

Fear of pain and illness

Pain and illnesses are signals that call to us to change the way we conduct our lives. Till such time we are able to accept this view, we will continue to see pain and illness as random external events on which we have little control.

Fear of aging

Fear of aging is rooted in our judgment that youth is somehow more desirable and superior to age. It is our inability to perceive the richness of age.

Fear of failure

There is no such thing as the fear of failure. It is our fear of success. Successful people have historically been persecuted, ostracized, envied, robbed or murdered. Our collective psyche recognizes success as an unsafe experience. So we camouflage it as fear of failure. And by dwelling on failure we sabotage our chances of success, and actually fail.

Fear of death

Fear of death is really the fear of change. We resist change because there is greater comfort in the known past than to venture into the unknown future. The journey to spirit is a journey into the unknown. Resisting change kills our spirit. The more we fear death, the closer we draw it to us by denying life.

These are our mind's conditioning and interpretation. Once we allow the mind to get a new perspective, our fears slowly melt away and peace returns.
(Note: Over the last few years over 300 individuals have participated Malabika's Mentorship Program to work through their fears and feel empowered. )
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

Thursday, July 29, 2010

More on abundance and how to get it.

A friend of mine sent me this article purporting to be from Arina's Self Help Blog. I could not locate the article among her blog posts. So I am going to express my gratitude to the creator of this work and let you share in the joy of creating abundance.

Download the article from this link.

Real Abundance.



Creating the ability to see Wholeness