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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Rubber Band Effect

Did you know that we are constantly operating between two opposing forces?

There is the one which is our life calling us to move forward, to grow, to explore, to create, to experience new adventure, to live richly. This part is attractive, inviting, exciting, makes us feel the promise of the future, generates hope and energizes us. This is our spirit, our future calling.

Then there is the counterpart -- the part which tells us to be careful, there are unseen dangers, we may not quite be up to it, it will take more preparation, qualifications, degrees, experience before we can take that journey. This part is clearly concerned about our safety, security and comfort. This is our past reminding us what may work and what may miss, wisdom we have surmised from our collective past, our common social beliefs.

Now visualize yourself standing in the middle securely held between these two forces like two rubber bands (or bungee cords if you will). One goes around your chest on one end and to a peg around your future dream that is beckoning you, on the other end. The other band goes around your waist on one end and around a peg in the past from where you are accustomed to derive your sense of security and comfort.

If you feel great where you are, it's cool. When these forces are in balance then we are in harmony, like a guitar string at perfect pitch. Enjoy this space, you are living at your optimum at this time. Sooner or later though your future will call you again and you will want to move in that direction. And you will. It will feel good to move forward, find new ways, read new books, look for another job, find new friends or whatever trips your trigger. 

Now the fun begins. As we get closer to your goal and start changing stuff around us, guess what happens to the other band? That's right, it gets tighter. The more we follow our heart, the more our fears come up and pull us back by the waist. New fears that we didn't even know we had start to emerge. Suddenly we start to worry whether or not we are capable, worthy, deserving, supported, qualified, experienced, clearheaded, loyal, sane and so on.

And so it will be. The more glorious the dream, the greater its pull. And the closer we get to it, the tighter the noose around the waist, until it becomes so painful that one or the other has to give.

The question is which? Will 'safety and comfort' snap us back to the old ways? Shall we abandon our dreams because all the answers are not in place yet? Or can we gently step out of the old habit patterns and create new anchors to hold us safe while we pursue our goals? Can we begin to trust in the infinite nature of our being and the greater intelligence that always shows us the way that is just right for us? Can we keep creating new anchors as we take those steps forward one by one?

How have your rubber bands treated you lately?


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