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Monday, July 20, 2020

A Short Chat About Spiritual Principles

It is a privilege to address the SRT community from around the world at the invitation of the SRA President. Well spent minutes.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Relationships Conundrum

Let’s face it. You have and will always be in relationships. If you are not then you are either an ascetic in a Himalayan cave or pretty dead – emotionally speaking. And if you are still breathing and walking about, you are also probably very depressed.

Joys, sorrows, excitements, frustrations, anticipations, attractions, repulsions, aggression, defensiveness --- a host of feelings and behaviors are triggered by relationships. Have you noticed? I certainly have. People often show up at my doorstep seeking succor because they are in bad relationships. Their bad relationship could be with their job (too demanding, too cheap, too suffocating, too boring), their boss (incompetent, prejudiced, plays favorites, political, never pleased), their daughter or son (too wild, too irresponsible, too sensitive, won’t grow up, won’t talk to me, too demanding) their mother, sister, father, brother……… you get the drift….

And of course, there is the significant other, the sexual partner, the mate, the alleged holder of the key to their emotional well-being and happiness. If you have been in one of those then you certainly know that all frustrations are multiplied umpteen times if they are triggered in this one relationship.

Here is the news for you, ladies and gentlemen, ye all who seek harmony and balance in your relationships. The state of harmony and balance in relationships feel wonderful when achieved, but it is a highly unstable state. It does not last long. It is not meant to. There is a reason why.

Relationships, like magnets, are held together by opposing energies – the masculine and the feminine. Each has a different flavor, a different function and a different characteristic. When these two energies come together powerfully they create something new and wonderful, which then becomes a platform for further growth. The forces come together again and again, each time at a new level for another creation. Between these bursts of creation the relationship feels blessed and in perfect harmony. Then the tension builds again for the next because at our very core is the need for creative pursuits and growth. Dynamism is what our spirit seeks in any relationship more than state of perpetual equilibrium.

We may have some understanding of the nature of these energy dynamics in the context of sexual relationships between a man and a woman. We have yet to learn how the same process may play out in all others aspects of our lives – between parents and children, siblings, professionals, friends, groups and so on.

In working with my clients I have discovered that a person may get into the same negative relationship pattern over and over again without a basic understanding of these energy dynamics. One may feel powerless and depressed. Or one may flit about from job to job, or relationship to relationship without being able to pursue any degree of depth or greater creative pursuits.

How are the energies playing out in your relationships? In all probability you will discover whenever a bad feeling arises there is competition -- male energies in the fore engaged in power mongering. Our feminine parts typically had fled the scene and hidden. No creative outcome is possible under these circumstances.

“I have been to many relationship counselors. No one has quite put it this way. It makes complete sense”, one my clients told me recently. He was fascinated at the energy dynamics at his work and at home. As he focused on learning the skills to take charge, shift and change it, he was excited that he no longer felt powerless in his relationships.

So I am excited to offer a course on relationships -- the masculine and feminine energy dynamics. It is relevant to you whether you are a man or a woman, whether or not you consider yourself in relationships.

If it is of interest to you, send me an email at and I will happily send you the details.

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