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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ah The World is Changing Fast

Ah, The World is Changing Fast
Remember the famous song Cat Stevens sang in the 70s. In the song the words that follow are 'Ah this world will never last, I don't want to lose it...... here in my time'. Well forty years later, we are still here.
Now this is the question. Amid all that which is going on in the world .... changing weather patterns, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, mudslides, tornadoes, bush fires, sink holes on the one hand, and GMOs, chemtrails, flouridated water, dead bees, vaccinations, bomb blasts, wikileaks, Bradley Manning on the other.... where exactly are you holding your vibration?
Are you being cynical? Are you echoing Cat Steven's lament, feeling like there are folks out there who are powerful and irresponsible and greedy, and we are victims of this treachery with little power to change it? 
Or, are you filled with hope and delight at the opportunity for change? Are you tuned into the laws of energetic reality uncovering new possibilities each day? Do you know that thoughts and emotions have the power to create? That positive anticipation and expectations are manifold more powerful than fears and anxieties and condemnations. That whatever we hold in our vibrations sooner or later shows up in our reality? That we can dissolve the mass consciousness of fear and calamity by steadfastly holding on to our vision of a beautiful world in the future and by releasing our judgement completely? That meditation has tremendous power to magnify our thoughts and desires? That action that follows meditation has far greater effectiveness? 

Not a single thought, nor a wisp of a feeling goes unspent in this vast universe. It will create. It has to create. That is the law. So where are you spending your life force energy? In which direction are you pressing your shoulders to the wheel? 
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Relationships Conundrum

Let’s face it. You have and will always be in relationships. If you are not then you are either an ascetic in a Himalayan cave or pretty dead – emotionally speaking. And if you are still breathing and walking about, you are also probably very depressed.

Joys, sorrows, excitements, frustrations, anticipations, attractions, repulsions, aggression, defensiveness --- a host of feelings and behaviors are triggered by relationships. Have you noticed? I certainly have. People often show up at my doorstep seeking succor because they are in bad relationships. Their bad relationship could be with their job (too demanding, too cheap, too suffocating, too boring), their boss (incompetent, prejudiced, plays favorites, political, never pleased), their daughter or son (too wild, too irresponsible, too sensitive, won’t grow up, won’t talk to me, too demanding) their mother, sister, father, brother……… you get the drift….

And of course, there is the significant other, the sexual partner, the mate, the alleged holder of the key to their emotional well-being and happiness. If you have been in one of those then you certainly know that all frustrations are multiplied umpteen times if they are triggered in this one relationship.

Here is the news for you, ladies and gentlemen, ye all who seek harmony and balance in your relationships. The state of harmony and balance in relationships feel wonderful when achieved, but it is a highly unstable state. It does not last long. It is not meant to. There is a reason why.

Relationships, like magnets, are held together by opposing energies – the masculine and the feminine. Each has a different flavor, a different function and a different characteristic. When these two energies come together powerfully they create something new and wonderful, which then becomes a platform for further growth. The forces come together again and again, each time at a new level for another creation. Between these bursts of creation the relationship feels blessed and in perfect harmony. Then the tension builds again for the next because at our very core is the need for creative pursuits and growth. Dynamism is what our spirit seeks in any relationship more than state of perpetual equilibrium.

We may have some understanding of the nature of these energy dynamics in the context of sexual relationships between a man and a woman. We have yet to learn how the same process may play out in all others aspects of our lives – between parents and children, siblings, professionals, friends, groups and so on.

In working with my clients I have discovered that a person may get into the same negative relationship pattern over and over again without a basic understanding of these energy dynamics. One may feel powerless and depressed. Or one may flit about from job to job, or relationship to relationship without being able to pursue any degree of depth or greater creative pursuits.

How are the energies playing out in your relationships? In all probability you will discover whenever a bad feeling arises there is competition -- male energies in the fore engaged in power mongering. Our feminine parts typically had fled the scene and hidden. No creative outcome is possible under these circumstances.

“I have been to many relationship counselors. No one has quite put it this way. It makes complete sense”, one my clients told me recently. He was fascinated at the energy dynamics at his work and at home. As he focused on learning the skills to take charge, shift and change it, he was excited that he no longer felt powerless in his relationships.

So I am excited to offer a course on relationships -- the masculine and feminine energy dynamics. It is relevant to you whether you are a man or a woman, whether or not you consider yourself in relationships.

If it is of interest to you, send me an email at and I will happily send you the details.

Malabika -- Your Energy Healing Guide.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rena's Story: Son Turns Over a New Leaf

Twenty seven years of her son Aaron's life were not particualrly pleasant for Rena . Within a year of his birth, Rena lost her husband. Her mother and brothers supported her in raising Aaron. While Rena was getting her life back together, Aaron lived and grew up with his cousins almost as siblings. He went to school and camps and took vacations with them.

Problems began to surface as Aaron was becoming a young adult. Although he did well in academics and was accepted in a management school, emotionally he appeared wounded. He blamed his mother for abandoning him, found faults with her familiy's attitude toward him. He felt discriminated against. At some point started to flirt with drugs.

Needless to say, Rena tried everything within her power to get this young man to see reason. But Aaorn would have none of it. 'Get off my back' was his attitude. Their rare phone conversations grew shorter. Aaron was brusque. Over time mother and son hardly communicated.

When I met Rena, she was nurturing a broken heart and was worried sick about her son's future. She felt she had no control. Realizing that direct intervention in the matter was useless, Rena started to take interest in energy work.

Initially the energy therapies Rena pursued were primarily to find some peace of mind for herself. She learned techniques, went to personal healing sessions and retreats. Although her own pain was getting better she continued to worry about Aaron. She arranged for healing practitioners to send distant healing to help Aaron.

Then something unique happened. In a session with Rena, I asked her to describe her son as she thought of him. She created this picture of a helpless, lonesome boy who had become angry, rebellious, disrespectful and irresponsible. It was a damning portrait -- for both mother and son. She felt tremendous guilt as a mother that she just could not shake off.

Over then next few days, Rena worked on releasing her guilt. Then we took time to assist Rena in creating a different image of Aaron in her mind. She pulled up memories of Aaron as a loving child excited about life. We built on that to create a vision of a strong, positive young man who was eager to take responsibility for his life. The greatest challenge Rena needed to overcome was her own doubts that this could ever be possible. But her love and strong desire for her son were on her side. She relentlessly worked at removing her own blocks. She learned to turn around the energy of negative thoughts that arose in her mind concerning Aaron, while her energy worker friends continued to support both mother and son.

The result was quick and astounding. In about two weeks, Rena called me to say 'this is a miracle.' Aaron, who had not spoken to Rena for months, had called for a short but decent conversation the previous week. That morning he had visited his mother in her home and spent time with her. He had assured her that he was ready for his new job responsibilies. He expressed his gratitude for all the support Rena's family had extended to him. He had looked relaxed and happy. In Rena's mind, it was indeed a miracle.

I had to smile as I heard Rena's story. Once again she validated that what brings us misery is our way of looking at things, our fears and our inability to trust. These are deep seated patterns. If we can find the tools to change those and shift our vibrations, the outer reality powerfully changes. The world reflects back to us that which we create in our energy field.

This is Spiritual Intelligence.

Enjoy your life, your thoughts and your vibes.


You can find more about Spiritual Intelligence at this link.

Creating the ability to see Wholeness