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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Incalculable Price of Depression

Everyone gets depressed at some time or another. Something may come along, trigger a thought or a belief held in the unconscious mind and boom! -- We plunge into the depths of despair and depression. As we grow up we learn to recognize patterns, and for the most part create our own strategy to heave ourselves out of that dark space. Sometimes it lasts an hour, sometimes a day and sometimes perhaps longer.

During those times we know that we suffer. We can see that those who love us suffer around us. They may want to help but often do not know how. But what we may never have thought about and do not know is the immeasurable toll it takes on the collective unconscious.

The collective mind of human kind is on an evolutionary trajectory -- to that place of lightness, joy, love and peace -- high vibrational stuff. That is our natural pathway even at the individual level, is it not? Are we not all seeking that place of interminable happiness, we each in our own way? Depression is a drag on that. Every minute we allow ourselves to remain depressed, we are not only going in the reverse direction ourselves, we are also contributing our mite to the collective very depressed unconscious. Another layer is added on. That which was already dense and heavy gets a little heavier.

Allow? Allow did you say?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, being depressed is a matter of choice. No one told us this before. We all thought we had to react to negative stuff around us that we were unable to control, change or influence by being depressed, by surrendering our power, by compromising our goal to be happy and by accepting our victimhood.

That was before we learned that everything is energy including our thoughts and beliefs; and that repetitive thoughts become our deeply embedded unconscious beliefs. That was before we understood that depression is a symptom of our disconnection from our own true inner self -- our spirit. That was before we learned that there are no victims, only volunteers, no matter how unconscious that may be.

The onset of depression is a sure sign that we are done being victims, we are ready to connect with our own inner spirit and take our power back. Sure it will take a little time. Sure it will take a little help. Like a child learning to walk, we may lean on a friend from time to time. We may even pop a few pills now and again to take the edge off. But like every child we must eventually learn to stand, walk and run on our own two feet. Because if we do not, we remain spiritually invalid.

And think of it this way. Each time one of us is willing to exercise this choice, we add another shoulder to the wheel. And this time in the right direction, towards our collective joy. Isn't it cool that my little thoughts, choices and actions have such far reaching implications? They do. Everyone's do. Believe it.

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