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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things About Water You May Not Know

We all know that without water we cannot sustain life, but few are aware of the depth to which water affects our being. Consider these:-

--The quantity of water on the planet has is constant like energy. It changes form, no one is making more or can take any away. Water is energy in liquid form.

--Water has consciousness and an intelligence of its own. And now we are discovering that it  has memory too. In the past decade Masaru Emoto has demonstrated multiple times how quickly and efficiently water picks up the vibrations it is exposed to. This little video clip re-affirms that. As soon as you come into contact with water it picks up your unique imprint. How cool is that?

--Water and humans have always had a wonderful and intimate relationship. This beautiful element not only replenishes, cleanses and quenches our thirst, it also exchanges vibrational imprints if you will. So when we are happy, the water around us is happy. The reverse is also true. And every molecule of water will pass on to the next its emotional memory.

Then, consider this, just like the planet, we too are predominantly water. Whatever goes on with the water on earth, in some way reflects in our body -- calm, quiet, turbulent, angry, raging -- we feel it, however subtly. But most of all it reflects in our emotions.

Water is the element of our second chakra, the 'swadhistana', that which anchors our emotional body. Water and we are connected in deep emotional ways.

So what does it all mean? What is the significance of this new awareness? It's enormous!!

As evident from the events of the last few months, the water on this planet is in the process of rearranging itself. Floods in desert plains, droughts where water was plentiful, storms and hurricanes more than normal have surprised us. Its sheer unpredictability has left us all wondering. What can we do?

I can suggest a few ideas.
  • Treat water as a conscious being, a friend. Thank the water for what it does for you as you drink, wash and bathe. Never take it for granted.
  • Pray, love and meditate over jars or jugs of water. Charge it with pure and high vibrations. Then ask it to heal and purify larger bodies of water, including our bodies. Pour it with gratitude into the nearest river, stream, pond, lake or well. Let the good vibrations spread through the water.
  • Whenever you hear any upsetting news about storms, floods or hurricanes, get together in groups (or alone) tune in to the water energy and send it calm loving thoughts. Ask to neutralize the agitation.
Thoughts have power and water pickes it up. It has emotions. We can now start to awaken to these gifts and befriend them.

Loving and thoughtful presence, always.
Creating the ability to see Wholeness