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Monday, September 14, 2020

Break Through after a Break Up?

Opportunity for Growth

Nothing in life offers a more potent opportunity for inner growth as the break-up of an old relationship. It calls us to expand our perspective on how to stop being a victim.

Responding to an online post in which the poster writes: 
"I am a 29 year old coming out of a long relationship. Post that I feel lost, be it at work or on the personal front. I don't feel worthy of anything. I feel like going back over the years and starting over my life. I can't muster the courage however hard I try to move on with my life. I have tried therapy, meditations and lifestyle changes, but can't seem to find any relief. I suffocate within myself, no interest to do anything whatsoever. It shows in my work, my relationships with family and friends. My friends think I am too desperate. The lockdown has further aggravated the issue. All I feel like is running away and spending time with people who don't know me, but that too I'm unable to do it. I feel it is all stemming from how unworthy, ugly and boring I find myself."

When the Dark Night of the Soul shows up the good news is after the night comes a new dawn like one you have never experienced. That is how Spiritual Intelligence works. It is important to know the darkness descends only when your inner being is ready for it and has already built the inner strength to break through to the dawn, even though it may not be visible to you. Fortunately, now we have many healing tools that integrate the physical, mental/emotional and other subtle bodies with the Spiritual Intelligence. That is where the long lasting healing comes from. 

If this line of thinking is of interest to you, feel free to reach out and check my Mentoring Program on Spiritual Intelligence. We can begin with a chat. 

Let's Chat, 
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Aligning with Our Higher Purpose

Aligning with Our Higher Purpose:
Aligning with Our Higher Purpose:
A Six Week Intensive On.line Program
to Clear, Energize and Restore the Soul’s Path

Ever wondered “Why am I doing here? What is my purpose? Is this it?” I used to, often wishing, wanting and waiting for something new to come along.
And it did, but only when I understood how the laws of energy work and learned to get out of my own way.

This program brings you the essence of what I have learned and share with my clients. Core patterns and blocks created by our fears surface as we mature spiritually. We benefit immensely from seeing things from new perspectives, expanding our consciousness and learning tools to keep our energy and light.

I am excited to offer this workshop via online video conferencing over six weeks. It will be limited to a small group to allow in-depth work, clearing with Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and other potent healing tools. Each session will have a presentation on the concept followed by a clearing actual practice. A great emphasis is placed on reprogramming old mental models.

The details: 

 Dates: Six Tuesdays September 1 to October 6, 2015
 Time: 9 PM East Coast US. Check your time at this
Location: From your home via online interactive video class.

 Areas of Focus: Each week will broadly cover the following areas-
*Reconnection with the Master Hologram,
*Liberation from the Collective Mind,
*Building Bridges in the Field of Duality,
*Crystalline restructuring on the Body,
*Claiming Fifth Dimensional Creative Power
*Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind.  

Duration: Approximately one hour on active weekly call time. Weekly assignments will allow plenty of opportunities to practice between the calls. You may share specific personal concerns in complete privacy via email. These will be addressed confidentially.

Preparatory energy clearing work for the participants begins on August 25, a week before the first call. You will receive the advantage of this if you sign up before then. Phone number and webinar details will be sent upon registration.
An opportunity will also be offered to test the internet software prior to the class.

Please join via Paypal for payments to 

Or, mail your check to Malabika Shaw to reach on or before August 25. 
(Rupee payment option is available for participants  in India. Email for details).

Your spot is saved n a first come first served basis. Please feel free to forward this to anyone who may benefit from it.
Looking forward to working with you.

Love and God bless,

Malabika Creating the ability to see Wholeness

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Rubber Band Effect

Did you know that we are constantly operating between two opposing forces?

There is the one which is our life calling us to move forward, to grow, to explore, to create, to experience new adventure, to live richly. This part is attractive, inviting, exciting, makes us feel the promise of the future, generates hope and energizes us. This is our spirit, our future calling.

Then there is the counterpart -- the part which tells us to be careful, there are unseen dangers, we may not quite be up to it, it will take more preparation, qualifications, degrees, experience before we can take that journey. This part is clearly concerned about our safety, security and comfort. This is our past reminding us what may work and what may miss, wisdom we have surmised from our collective past, our common social beliefs.

Now visualize yourself standing in the middle securely held between these two forces like two rubber bands (or bungee cords if you will). One goes around your chest on one end and to a peg around your future dream that is beckoning you, on the other end. The other band goes around your waist on one end and around a peg in the past from where you are accustomed to derive your sense of security and comfort.

If you feel great where you are, it's cool. When these forces are in balance then we are in harmony, like a guitar string at perfect pitch. Enjoy this space, you are living at your optimum at this time. Sooner or later though your future will call you again and you will want to move in that direction. And you will. It will feel good to move forward, find new ways, read new books, look for another job, find new friends or whatever trips your trigger. 

Now the fun begins. As we get closer to your goal and start changing stuff around us, guess what happens to the other band? That's right, it gets tighter. The more we follow our heart, the more our fears come up and pull us back by the waist. New fears that we didn't even know we had start to emerge. Suddenly we start to worry whether or not we are capable, worthy, deserving, supported, qualified, experienced, clearheaded, loyal, sane and so on.

And so it will be. The more glorious the dream, the greater its pull. And the closer we get to it, the tighter the noose around the waist, until it becomes so painful that one or the other has to give.

The question is which? Will 'safety and comfort' snap us back to the old ways? Shall we abandon our dreams because all the answers are not in place yet? Or can we gently step out of the old habit patterns and create new anchors to hold us safe while we pursue our goals? Can we begin to trust in the infinite nature of our being and the greater intelligence that always shows us the way that is just right for us? Can we keep creating new anchors as we take those steps forward one by one?

How have your rubber bands treated you lately?


Your guide to your Spiritual Intelligence

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cement Around My Legs

Mira is one of the most wonderfully loving women I have met. She loves her family, loves living in this city. Her job she says is okay, keeps her going nothing much to complain about. And for some unknown reason, she said,she kept feeling this growing sense of anxiety. Nothing in particular, no specific triggers that she could think of, just this feeling of a 'what if...... ' of the negative kind.

'That is very frustrating', she said. 'At least if I could put my finger on it, I would be able to address it. This nonspecific sense of doom is just tying me down. I can't move forward. It is as if someone has poured cement around my legs without my knowledge and it is solidifying'.

There is a very simple spiritual truth around feeling this way. I reminded Mira of the saying 'if Spirit has brought you to it, Spirit will see you through it'. There is a greater intelligence coming through telling you that you are ripe and ready to embrace your spiritual self, your deeper persona. There is infinite wisdom in you waiting to unfold to show you the way out of those cement blocks, The old ego-centric, fear based formula of navigating the world is over for you. Time to open up to a whole new level of being. And it is time to learn the new rules of the game.

'Trust God', 'trust your innerself', 'trust spirit'..... we have heard it said. But how, you may ask. Just like anything else changing our default thought patterns, conditioning, programs and perceptions require a set of knowledge and skills. Do you know what these are?

Mira and I spent a greater part of the afternoon exploring some of these energy based techniques and knowledge. When we were done, Mira stood up to leave. With a huge smile she turned to me and said, ' The cement around my legs are already dissolving. I thonk I am going to love this work.'

(Name changed to protect my client's identity).

To learn more about Malabika's spiritually anchored mentoring and healing program click here.
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Self Acceptance: Meditation for Busy People

(Click here to download meditation)

We are our own worst critics. We all have parts within that we find hard to accept and even harder to change. These parts seem to have a mind of their own. We end up spending a great deal of vital Life Force energy in harboring these negative self images and robbing ourselves of fun.

Here is a simple first step to acceptance. Acceptance alone will open the door for change.
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spiritual Intelligence in Search of Global Unity

Spiritual intelligence is the heart’s way of inviting us to live through greater love. It is higher consciousness constantly carving out our path of evolution. Yet, the heart’s language makes sense only to the aware and to those familiar with their own true spirit.
The human heart is truly amazing. A thing of beauty to poets, artists and lovers, the heart has remained a mere pumping device to scientists until recently. Now research is revealing the extraordinary role the heart plays in human existence, closely corresponding to the view ancient spiritual teachers held. Some significant findings:
The heart has a consciousness of its own, separate from the brain.* It is the seat of the soul – spirit’s gateway into us.
The heart interprets shifts in the energetic environment and signals the brain, which informs the rest of the body.** The heart is in charge.
The heart can operate beyond time and space coordinates. Laboratory research*** shows the heart reacting to an event before it has occurred. We call it premonition.
The first cluster of cells in the human embryo begins pulsating as the heart. Embedded within this heartbeat is all the information and impetus necessary for the development of the human body in the womb, and growth of the human spirit throughout one’s lifetime. The heart remains the master conductor. When the brain and the rest of the organs are in coherence with the heart’s vibrations, we are in perfect harmony.
Spiritual intelligence initially taught us to survive — physically and psychologically. We saw ourselves as separate and we became strong with resistance training – pushing against one another. Now it is time for heart-speak. Spiritual intelligence is coming through to teach the human spirit to thrive. Only in the 21st century is the collective human mind evolved enough to aspire across national borders towards global unity.
Our way of seeing the world and the rules of living must change quite radically. The heart accepts everything as-is without judgment and sees no separation. Separation in the mind is a mere reflection of our own distance from our higher self. All threats we perceive outside are our own sense of inadequacy.
Global unity is best served by complete love and acceptance of oneself and others, releasing all judgments. Simple, though not easy, this is the most critical ingredient for unity – within and without. Just as we would not judge a child for not knowing trigonometry, we cannot judge the spiritually inept for fighting wars. The spiritually intelligent solution is in neutralizing their fears with the heart energy of love and creating a safe environment energetically.
Fortunately many tools are available today to accomplish this. Open heart meditations, heart coherence practice, energy tools are among them. Internal integrity is imperative. We need to do this as much for ourselves to alleviate stresses as for the rest of the world. Spiritual intelligence guides us to turn inward. Once we do all the little details of outer action fall in place.

* McCraty R, Atkinson M, Bradley RT., Electrophysiological evidence of intuition Part 1: A system-wide process?; The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine. Volume 10, Number 1, 2004, pp. 133–143

** McCraty R, Atkinson M, Bradley RT., Electrophysiological evidence of intuition Part 2: A system-wide process?; The Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine. 2004 Apr;10(2):325-36.

*** ibid.

To access a library of research conducted by the Institute of HeartMath please visit
To download a free e-book on “The Science of the Heart”, please visit
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love or Control? Which Would You Choose?

Can a parent move from the overwhelming desire to direct and control when a son is clearly headed down the slippery slope? This is probably one of the greatest challenges of parenting.

I thought I would share this poignant story of Lily and her son James (not their real names).

A wonderful young man in his twenties, James has had the hardest time fitting into the system. This young man is sensitive, loving and kind and very creative -- not exactly the qualities society expects of a young man. Hence his trouble. At some stage, like others with similar difficulties, James started to flirt with drugs.

Lily moved through all the stages that any caring mother would. From the initial disbelief, to finally recognizing, and then supporting James in addressing the issue. She discussed, she persuaded, she cajoled, she explained, she reasoned, she bargained and eventually spelt out the riot act. Lily needed to do something, to fix it, to feel that in some way she could influence the boy's decisions. She needed him to be in control of his life so she could be on top of hers.

Despite his genuine resolve to set matters right, James was by now so deep into the mess that he required professional help. Lily offered to get him that too. But James would have none of it.

Lily had run out of options, alternatives, strategies for action. Nothing seemed to help. What now? 

At this critical juncture, Lily took a brave decision that few parents know how. She was not going to resign in anger and bitterness. She was not going to project her own insecurities and fears on James anymore. She would stop dwelling on the worst case scenarios.

Instead, Lily was going surrender to the process, and surrender with love. She recalled in her mind what a wonderful child James had been, the joys they had shared. She reminded herself that James had his own spiritual journey to follow that was not up to her to control. Her job was to love him and trust in his ability to find its way out of the maze. Her job was to be there when he needed her counsel and to respect his being.

This was a 180 degree turn around in mind set and attitude for Lily, not something that happens automatically, but with deep conviction and dedication. Lily was not about to take short cuts. Her son's future was at stake.

She used all the tools in her spiritual and energy healing toolbox to stay on track. Most of all she maintained her boundaries and made sure James had enough space to make his choices without her interference.

"Change the way you look at the world, and the world around you changes."  These are Dr. Wayne Dyer's wise words. It took about two weeks for the real change to take place in this case. Mother and son had barely been in touch during this period, both acutely aware of the need to respect the other’s boundary.

On that bitterly cold and rainy night Lily found herself becoming anxious about James's whereabouts. Not allowing her anxiety to overcome her, she sent him a short loving text message. It was as if she had just opened the door James had been waiting for. He reached out to her for help like never before. He was sick of being sick and tired. He was done with this kind of life. He wanted to change. In the space Lily had created for him, James had finally come to realize the depth of his despair, and also the fact that no one could help him unless he wanted to be helped. He was ready now.

A very relieved Lily was glad to provide the support she had for so long wished to give James. And now that there were no controlling shackles to push against, a very determined young man realized his rare good fortune that his mother was lovingly standing by to support him. 

He is well on his way to recovery. Doing could not accomplish it, loving did.

 Mentorship Program in Spiritual Intelligence at

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rena's Story: Son Turns Over a New Leaf

Twenty seven years of her son Aaron's life were not particualrly pleasant for Rena . Within a year of his birth, Rena lost her husband. Her mother and brothers supported her in raising Aaron. While Rena was getting her life back together, Aaron lived and grew up with his cousins almost as siblings. He went to school and camps and took vacations with them.

Problems began to surface as Aaron was becoming a young adult. Although he did well in academics and was accepted in a management school, emotionally he appeared wounded. He blamed his mother for abandoning him, found faults with her familiy's attitude toward him. He felt discriminated against. At some point started to flirt with drugs.

Needless to say, Rena tried everything within her power to get this young man to see reason. But Aaorn would have none of it. 'Get off my back' was his attitude. Their rare phone conversations grew shorter. Aaron was brusque. Over time mother and son hardly communicated.

When I met Rena, she was nurturing a broken heart and was worried sick about her son's future. She felt she had no control. Realizing that direct intervention in the matter was useless, Rena started to take interest in energy work.

Initially the energy therapies Rena pursued were primarily to find some peace of mind for herself. She learned techniques, went to personal healing sessions and retreats. Although her own pain was getting better she continued to worry about Aaron. She arranged for healing practitioners to send distant healing to help Aaron.

Then something unique happened. In a session with Rena, I asked her to describe her son as she thought of him. She created this picture of a helpless, lonesome boy who had become angry, rebellious, disrespectful and irresponsible. It was a damning portrait -- for both mother and son. She felt tremendous guilt as a mother that she just could not shake off.

Over then next few days, Rena worked on releasing her guilt. Then we took time to assist Rena in creating a different image of Aaron in her mind. She pulled up memories of Aaron as a loving child excited about life. We built on that to create a vision of a strong, positive young man who was eager to take responsibility for his life. The greatest challenge Rena needed to overcome was her own doubts that this could ever be possible. But her love and strong desire for her son were on her side. She relentlessly worked at removing her own blocks. She learned to turn around the energy of negative thoughts that arose in her mind concerning Aaron, while her energy worker friends continued to support both mother and son.

The result was quick and astounding. In about two weeks, Rena called me to say 'this is a miracle.' Aaron, who had not spoken to Rena for months, had called for a short but decent conversation the previous week. That morning he had visited his mother in her home and spent time with her. He had assured her that he was ready for his new job responsibilies. He expressed his gratitude for all the support Rena's family had extended to him. He had looked relaxed and happy. In Rena's mind, it was indeed a miracle.

I had to smile as I heard Rena's story. Once again she validated that what brings us misery is our way of looking at things, our fears and our inability to trust. These are deep seated patterns. If we can find the tools to change those and shift our vibrations, the outer reality powerfully changes. The world reflects back to us that which we create in our energy field.

This is Spiritual Intelligence.

Enjoy your life, your thoughts and your vibes.


You can find more about Spiritual Intelligence at this link.

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