Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Spiritual Restructuring: Supporting the Body to tune in to Higher Frequencies

A Special Introductory Offer

Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) is a dynamic body work  system, designed to bridge the gap between spiritual advancement and the physical aspects. When we clear our energy blocks through a variety of ways, the body being our densest part is often the slowest to catch up with the higher vibrations. SpR  communicates with the body via applied kinesiology or dowsing, and then methodically clears blocked energies from each of the bodies major systems. This supports the body to come into alignment with higher vibrations allowing for physical healing, emotional well-being, and mental clarity that can emanate only from our complete alignment with our spirit. 

During a Spiritual Restructuring session, a communication with the body is established. Then we review each of the major systems of the body to detect what needs correction to come back into alignment. We begin with the skeletal system and then move through each of the muscular, nervous, endocrine respiratory, lymphatic, cardio-vascular, nervous ..... all the major systems checking where correction is needed and working with the High Self to correct them. 

The sessions may be in person or remote as most of the work is done at an energetic level. Folks who have received SpR have reported moving into deep alpha or theta states where the body finds it easiest to return to its blue print. Results are sometimes dramatic shifts and detoxification of the body, and at other times subtle and quiet. It is not unusual to recognize a subtle shift a week or so later.

A session typically takes an hour to 90 minutes and can be done remotely.

Introductory Offer

My introductory offer for SpR is at 50% of the regular fee during November and December 2014. The full fee SpR is $150. So these sessions cost $75. 

I am now setting up appointments. I will ask you to be on phone or on Skype, as I do the clearing with your participation. To avail this offer,  please send me an email at Malabika@visionwholistic.net with a few alternate time slots in the next weeks. I am bases in Boston area and am on US East Coast time. I do work early mornings and late evenings so feel free to ask.

I am excited to bring this powerful healing tool, updated, upgraded and refreshed, back into my tool box. 

I look forward to working with your beautiful body and spirit.

Creating the ability to see Wholeness

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