Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Treatise on Love

“I don’t know what to do with her love,” he said.

Oh just take it and think nothing of it.

“Oh no, couldn’t possibly do that. Love comes with strings attached you know. If I receive her love, she will take it as a signal for a promise of reciprocation. And then she will expect me to become responsible for loving her, for taking care of her emotional well-being, her happiness. She will look to me for nurturing. Expectations piling upon expectations. A trap it is. I have stepped into that before. Those loving strings will keep binding you till they turn into a noose around your neck and leave you gasping for breath.”

What if she just loves you for the sake of love itself? What if you just let yourself enjoy it? What if you could become like a child once again and receive all the loving that came your way. And just like the child you never think of the ‘what ifs’, or of returning it measure for measure. What if you were to reclaim your innocence, your own naturally loving self? Can you let yourself allow the love in, soak and bask in it like a child? Let the splendor of it naturally radiate back from you? Because loving is so infectious, so contagious? What if you just enjoyed it?

“Is that at all possible? Is it even fair, this take-what-you-get loving with nary a thought? Should I not have to do something, earn it somehow? Work at it to keep it? And ‘do’ some more to keep it coming? Can anyone love in this fashion and expect no promises in return? Is it possible, this loving without claims?"

No one knows the answer to that. All we know is that that is the very kind of loving we have thirsted after since the day we were born – that unconditional, boundless, endless loving. This is the greatest treasure we have longed for all through life. Only that which is given first may return one day. May be she too wants to know if it is possible?

So can you just receive her love, enjoy it, bask in it and let it be just that?

And leave the rest to God?

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