Sunday, December 16, 2007

Stay By The Light

Keep the light within your sight
My Love
When clouds come closing in
There is no one here
Who has the key
To lead you back
Whence you came

They will call to you enticingly
Show you their wares
Give you their promises
Sell with their smart tongue
Dancers and songsters
Magicians and tricksters
Trying mightily to remember
Their own way back to love
Who will show the way
Each himself lost with no recall

Don’t stray far from the light
My Heart
Stay softly awake, alert
No longer need you lurk in shadows
Hiding from your fears

All things come fulfilled
Here by the light
And love pours out in heaps and piles
And peeps through the parting clouds
Now at last they can find their way
Each one of them will return someday

Stay by the light
My Sweet
And your love will find you
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

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