Friday, February 8, 2008

Living the Field

In 2002 Lynne McTaggart first published her book entiltled "The Field" after interviewing and studying the works of cutting edge scientists who are reseaching the nebulous region where physics meets metaphysics. It is all about consciousness -- the ephemeral substance that seems to hold our universe together.

And now Lynne has published "The Intention Experiment" which brings more clarity and focus on this fascinating subject. She invited her readers to participate in an ongoing eperiment in "Using Thoughts to Change Your Life and The World".

It is all about Conscious Creation. At last we are beginning to scratch the surface of the body on knowledge that restores our amazing creative power. Our sages have known it for eons. The rest of us are beginning to be prepped for it.

It is the realm of magic and miracles.

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Creating the ability to see Wholeness

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