Monday, March 31, 2008

The Science and the Art of Asking

One of the most powerful conscious energy technologies I have used is Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). It has the power to reach energetic depths and breadth that are otherwise beyond our conscious access.

I have used SRT for some years and have known its potential. But teaching an Advanced Level SRT class this past weekend has brought home once again the mind boggling power of this system. And it is expanding and unfolding continually as our consciousness expands.

It is based on the simple principle "Ask and it is Given". But the art of asking is not so simple. First we must be aware of what is possible and available.
Then we must learn to be specific in our asking.
And lastly, we must remain assured that it is coming and allow the process.
The more awareness, the better the choice. And the more specific, the sooner it comes. Ask to release or to receive, both work the same way.

Spiritual Response Therapy is the tool for developing the fine art of asking. Whom are we asking? I call it Source -- from whence all things are created. You may have your own name -- Spirit, God, Universe. Universal Consciousness, Field of all Possibilities -- it doesn't matter. This is not imagination folks, it follows universal Laws that science is beginning to unravel.

It is a fascinating world of energy out here. Come play with me some time.


More about SRT at
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

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