Monday, April 21, 2008

Tong Ren

Tom Tam of Quincy, MA, has been teaching this healing technique. It is a fascinating process. It is based on the Chinese meridian system that is the basis for acupunture and acupressure. Except that Tom doesn't do either. His is a surrogate method using a rubber doll. And he taps on the meridian points using a small magnetic hammer.

Does it work? Absolutely. I recently attended a workshop where we worked on one another. You can feel the energy being released. Not uncommon. We are tapping into the field of the collective consciousness as we do when we send Reiki through distance healing, or when we do surrogate tapping in EFT, or Spiritual Restructuring. Tom has figured out a much more convenient and focused method.

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Once again, there's a fascinating world of Energy Healing growing out there.

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