Sunday, August 31, 2008

If we only have love

The power of this beautiful poetry by Jaques Brel was brought back in focus once again by my friend Jim Cernan.

Here is a version by Johnny Mathis.

The lyrics are uplifting.
How does this make you feel?

If we only have love
Then tomorrow will dawn
And the days of our years
Will rise on that morn
If we only have love
To embrace without fears
We will kiss with our eyes
We will sleep without tears
If we only have love
With our arms open wide
Then the young and the old
Will stand at our side
If we only have love
Love that's falling like rain
Then the parched desert earth
Will grow green again
If we only have love
For the hymn that we shout
For the song that we sing
Then we'll have a way out
If we only have love
We can reach those in pain
We can heal all our wounds
We can use our own names
If we only have love
We can melt all the guns
And then give the new world
To our daughters and sons
If we only have love
Then Jerusalem stands
And then death has no shadow
There are no foreign lands
If we only have love
We will never bow down
We'll be tall as the pines
Neither heroes nor clowns
If we only have love
Then we'll only be men
And we'll drink from the Grail
To be born once again
Then with nothing at all
But the little we are
We'll have conquered all time
All space, the sun, and the stars.
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Harvesting the Energy of the Universe: Movement Meditation

Stuck in your head all day long?
Going crazy with the twists and turns of an overactive mind?
Is the body stressed, asking for space?
This is the perfect meditation for you. It powerfully reconnects you with your body and grounds you. You will be able to break fatiguing cycles, refresh your energy and restore the clarity in your mind. In minutes.

This is a movement meditation -- aligning with energy through movement, breath and intention. Most importantly -- intention/thought. Click here to watch (7 min).

My videographer friend Rodger Routh produced this little clip on a beautiful summer morning in Ankeny. You hear Rodger on the flute. Thank you Rodger.
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Lady Who would Tend to Her Garden

Moving to an acreage in the suburbs seemed like a good idea then. But soon Jessie began to feel the burden. Her dream garden needed too much time, too much effort -- had to be watered, tended to, weeded. As spring came it needed more frequent watering. It was getting her down, wearing her out. Driving home from the city where she worked, she felt she did not have enough time, enough energy.

She even denied herself a family holiday, staying home to water while everyone else went off to some exotic place.

So how about hiring a lawn and garden service? Or installing sprinklers? ...Nope, couldn't do that, not enough money.

Not enough, not enough, not enough...........

So we dug, Jessie and I. What was at the root of Jessie's belief that there is not enough in this abundant universe? What was stopping Jessie from allowing the abundance to flow in? What was getting in the way? Systematically Jessie worked on removing old, archaic beliefs and dysfunctional thought patterns using some potent energy technologies.

Three weeks later, there she was in my studio, broad smile on her face, clapping her hands, excitedly telling me that the sprinklers were being installed on her acreage even as she spoke. What freedom. The dream garden was coming easy.
Suddenly it all seemed possible. And no worries either, mate!!

What changed?.......Same people, same circumstances.....different outcome.
Weeding out the beliefs rooted in fear, and planting new ones that come from love. It makes all the difference. Allows the universe to give abundantly.

Simple, but not always easy.

Jessie is off on a vacation with her husband and her garden is doing wonderfully, thank you. She (Jessie is not her real name) is currently enrolled in the Mentorship Program for Personal Empowerment. Her future is suddenly full of exciting possibilities.
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

Saturday, August 2, 2008

EFT stories for Gary Craig

Hello Gary,

I have just returned from two weeks of vacation. I wish to share some short and sweet experiences with surrogate EFT during my travels – all involving little children.

The first was at the airport as we were beginning to board. There was a family with three young children. One of the boys, my guess of around two and half or three, seemed to be in absolute despair at the prospect of going into the plane. He was flat on the ground, flailing his hands and legs refusing to get up and screaming. The mother was trying to console him. His dad stood by looking rather helpless and a little embarrassed, and the siblings bewildered.

I was attracted by all the commotion. I walked up to the Dad and said ‘ask his Mom to gently tap on his collarbone’ (for some reason I intuited that would help). You can imagine the Dad’s confused expression at this strange woman asking to do something quite bizarre. “Tap on what….?” He asked. I repeated “collarbone”. And then as if to demonstrate, I stood right there and tapped on my own collarbone repeating in my head “even though I am really scared to get in that plane, it’s ok, I’ll be safe”, “My Mom is right here, I’ll be ok”, “It’s very scary, I’ll be ok”, ‘my Dad is right here, I’ll be safe”, and so on. I couldn’t tell whether the Mom actually tapped on him or not.

It would have taken about a minute, you could see the sudden shift. This child who was quite inconsolable till now sat up determinedly and between sobs said to his mother, ‘ok. I will go with you. Hold my hand, I will go with you”. That’s what I heard and saw the immense relief on both parents’ faces as they collected their belongings and headed for the plane.

The next incident was on a different flight. Again there was an infant some rows behind me crying quite inconsolably. I couldn’t see them but heard the Mom getting rather desperate. I tuned in and employed the surrogate technique and again it took less than two minutes to become quiet. I got a sense that the baby was asleep.

The third incident was at a restaurant during the same trip. A family of four was dining and their little girl on a high chair suddenly let out an almighty scream and proceeded to bawl. The parents tried to console her but she went on. Our attention was drawn. I remembered my airplane incidents, and asked my 14 year old niece who was with me “you want to help quiet this child?” She has learnt basic EFT from me. I told her to tune in to the kid and follow what I was doing. We both did a couple of rounds on ‘even though mommy won’t give me that thing, it’s ok, she loves me’. My niece kept grinning as she watched this child quiet down.

I have to smile each time this happens. Skeptics may think it’s a series of coincidences. I am ok with that. Who knows. I know that I’ll tap whenever the opportunity arises and let the happy coincidences bring the parents some peace.

Thanks Gary.

Malabika Shaw
Creating the ability to see Wholeness