Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Lady Who would Tend to Her Garden

Moving to an acreage in the suburbs seemed like a good idea then. But soon Jessie began to feel the burden. Her dream garden needed too much time, too much effort -- had to be watered, tended to, weeded. As spring came it needed more frequent watering. It was getting her down, wearing her out. Driving home from the city where she worked, she felt she did not have enough time, enough energy.

She even denied herself a family holiday, staying home to water while everyone else went off to some exotic place.

So how about hiring a lawn and garden service? Or installing sprinklers? ...Nope, couldn't do that, not enough money.

Not enough, not enough, not enough........... time...money...energy....fun....

So we dug, Jessie and I. What was at the root of Jessie's belief that there is not enough in this abundant universe? What was stopping Jessie from allowing the abundance to flow in? What was getting in the way? Systematically Jessie worked on removing old, archaic beliefs and dysfunctional thought patterns using some potent energy technologies.

Three weeks later, there she was in my studio, broad smile on her face, clapping her hands, excitedly telling me that the sprinklers were being installed on her acreage even as she spoke. What freedom. The dream garden was coming easy.
Suddenly it all seemed possible. And no worries either, mate!!

What changed?.......Same people, same circumstances.....different outcome.
Weeding out the beliefs rooted in fear, and planting new ones that come from love. It makes all the difference. Allows the universe to give abundantly.

Simple, but not always easy.

Jessie is off on a vacation with her husband and her garden is doing wonderfully, thank you. She (Jessie is not her real name) is currently enrolled in the Mentorship Program for Personal Empowerment. Her future is suddenly full of exciting possibilities.

Creating the ability to see Wholeness

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