Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Energy of Anger

While we get ready to give thanks for everything that is wonderful, India is struggling with barbaric terrorist attacks at many locations in its financial capital, Mumbai. Over a 100 innocent lives have been lost, many others are held hostage and the saga continues as I write this post. The end is not yet in sight.

What is this madness all about? Some have asked. Others on many social network have condemned the attackers in no uncertain terms. But you can tell there is a sense of impotency to be able to do anything that would change it.

Who but those who feel so utterly powerless and angry would resort to this? Who else would have such little regard to God's gift of life? Their own lives must be so joyless that they think nothing of sacrificing it while taking a few others along. So lost they are in their conviction that some wrong is being righted here by these means .

What would love do now?

It is a baffling question. Should I condemn the violence? That is one thing. Do I also condemn the people behind it? Will I not then be perpetueating their powerlessness? What about the people who lost their lives? Don't their families deserve some retribution?

I don't know. These are moral dilemmas not easy to answer. All I know is that in engaging with this madness, I give it more power. How can I disengage when the energy of anger comes at me so strongly? It is the answer that I too, among others, am seeking.

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