Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ready to Receive?

The Law of Attraction has created such a buzz. Everyone is walking around visualizing. creating vision boards, thinking positive thoughts, staying in the right vibrations... the whole 9 yards. And then getting frustrated because the object of their desire is taking its own sweet time to show up. So where's the hitch?

If the Law of Attraction is such a profound law of the universe, how come it isn't working? This is the question.

Well, there seems to be a deeper and significant part to the law of attraction. Are we ready to receive what we desire? Or do we expect to be in the old track aswe were before. This is the part most folks are still grappling with.

Getting ready to receive requires an understanding of ones deeper psyche and what drives it. What are resistance sthat are in place that need to be overcome?

Are you ready to receive?

Creating the ability to see Wholeness

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