Monday, February 16, 2009

Reiki: More Than Just a Healing Technique

Most people view Reiki as just a healing technique that we have inherited from Japan and we use our minds to help heal the body.

While this is true it is also a very limited view of Reiki. The word Reiki means 'universal life force energy'. It is the energy of consciousness and creation. Reiki is the gateway that puts us in touch with our spiritual nature. Simple techniques teach us ways to keep that connection easily and comfortably. And as we relate to this energy consciously, many more doorways open up for us to embrace our own true nature. Reiki is the gateway to a struggle-free life.

Learning to relate to the nature of our higher consciousness is becoming imperative in the face of the rapid changes around us that we can no longer control. So if you have not yet been initiated to Reiki, find the nearest teacher who can do that for you. The sooner the better. Your life change in amazing ways and you will not regret it.

And if you would choose to learn it or come for a refresher with me, here are the opportunities. Click here for details.
Creating the ability to see Wholeness

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Appreciate this post. Will try it out.