Monday, August 9, 2010

Breanne's Questions

" How do spiritually advanced people respond to horrible things happening in the world, such as the oil spill in the Gulf, extremism, global warming? I will tell you that the way that I respond is to try and avoid hearing about such things because I always think doomsday thoughts and get sad and anxious about bad things happening."

Thank you, Breanne, for articulating a question that is in so many people's minds. Your response is perfect. When there are things going on around us that bring us down it is best to remove your attention from them. That does not amount to denying what is going on, but it is acknowledging that these problems are outside my ability to resolve and dwelling on them merely dissipates my energy. So why do that? Good strategy to protect yourself. Don't let any guilt creep in. The next step is in answer to your next question.

"I hear about how 2012 is supposedly when the human race will become more spiritually advanced and will enter a new era of peace and harmony, stuff like that. I don't see how that's possible when so many things happening in the world right now indicate that we are nowhere near becoming more spiritually advanced."

Actually there is a lot of good going on in the world, quietly, unobtrusively and in a distributed fashion all over the globe. Someone asked the Dalai Lama recently if we as a human race are doomed. His answer was quite to the contrary. He said there is more understanding, more goodwill, more capability now in the world than ever before. Unfortunately good news doesn't sell and so it does not make the news. Bad news is sensational. The Dalai Lama urged the journalists and the reporters to focus on the good news instead.

They may or may not do so. But we can in our immediate circles. If we learn to do that then that expands. It is a law. Wherever we place our attention, energy and focus, we help grow.

2012 will be what it will be, we need not be overly concerned. We just have each to decide for ourselves where we will place our own attention, energy and focus -- on the bad that is out of our circle of influence or the little drops of good that is very much a part of our everyday life and feel grateful about that.

It is really our choice. As Mike Dooley says "Thoughts become things, choose the good ones".

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Elizabeth Smith said...

" How do spiritually advanced people respond to horrible things happening in the world, such as the oil spill in the Gulf, extremism, global warming?..." ...from Breanne's Questions

How I respond... I ask for justice to be done and ask that the truth be known. (I have been doing this for many years now. Seems it is working!) I ask for healing for whatever situation. I ask for greed to be cleared from the people servicing those in the disaster so more people do not take advantage of the victims. I ask that the consciousness level of all on the planet be raised. I ask for people to band together to, in concert, work on the problems.

I ask for the people in charge to be given information to help in a greater, higher vibratory fashion. I send energy to the 'food' (nutritional supplementation). I ask that those trapped and wishing to live and reconnect with their loved ones have their metabolism be lowered and be found quickly so they do not die of starvation and thirst. I ask for their desire to suffer to be cleared (ask this for the victims, the friends, family, concerned parties and loved ones of the victims). This does help. I saw it after Hurricane Katrina... the animals left behind. They found animals still alive months after the storm. I did that EVERY day several times a day.

During the oil spill, I continually asked that the Homotoxicology be performed on the areas of the spill, the waters, the planet Earth and all creatures that were being impacted by the spill (including the humans in the area. Those that were getting so sick in the affected areas seemed to have stopped getting so sick.).

Please let healers know they can ACTUALLY DO something, not just avert their eyes. Focus their intentions on helping. We can sit there crying or USE our God given and personally trained gifts for the greater good. We can hide and shiver or work on the fear of all on the planet. Work on us first. We surrogate the rest of the world. We can SHARE what to do to help, which I do every time I hear about people that are so distraught about the spill. Or the earthquake. Or the hurricane. Or the flood...or whatever we see happening.

I don't care who is right or wrong or who I favor in each of our planetary/governmental challenges, I ask that justice be done and the truth come out. I ask for the highest and greatest good with the least amount of grief, suffering and pain to occur. Inaction is wasted energy opportunities. PRACTICE our talents. Give to the planet. This is how I am in service. Thanks for reading my response to the question.