Friday, September 7, 2012

What the Buddhas Left Behind

Months ago when my friend Rita Henry asked me to participate in the 'Buddha Relics' tour event in Des Moines, I have to admit that I started out with some skepticism. The idea of going to view 'relics' -- which to me mostly meant bits of nail, hair, bone or other parts left behind by people who have been dead for centuries-- held no interest or fascination for me whatsoever. I could pass it by.

As the event approached, the community here appeared to be getting very charged. On a daily basis I was getting invitations and information about the event. So partly out of curiosity, and partly to hang out with my friends, I decide to sign up as a volunteer for the event.

What happened during those three days last month was 'out of this world' as we have known it..

The relics turned out to be most fascinating in themselves. They appear as beautiful gemstones. It seems as if when the great Buddhas pass on, and their bodies are cremated, some kind of an alchemy takes place. The body matter continues to hold such high levels of energy that they coalesce as little bits of pearls, diamonds and other precious jewels. It is as if the Masters leave behind parts of their earthly being to continue to hold and emanate the energy they held in their hearts in their own lifetimes.

There were the jewels from the remains of the great Gautama Buddha himself. They were beautiful to behold. And the very idea that these relics were lovingly held in the monasteries for over 2500 years by their custodians is in itself enough to give you goose bumps. But the real gift was beyond their appearance or the idea of their vintage. There was something more, something unexplained.

As I approached the sanctuary, my sense of awe was soon replaced by a feeling as if my heart wanted to burst open with love. Then a sense of deep peace descended upon me like a warm blanket. There was no place to go, nothing to accomplish. Just being seemed gift enough. The mind chatter slowly receded. And even though there were a couple of hundred people there at anytime, the air of reverence and  loving compassion remained throughout. I was drawn to spend most of my waking hours being close to the relics that weekend.

Words can only say so much. The experience is far richer. I went out of curiosity, I came away transformed. And like Rita, it is my turn now to invite you to this opportunity of a lifetime to be touched and transformed.

To see when the Buddha Relics are some place near you visit Buddhs Relics Tour. 
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Monday, July 30, 2012

August Special for Friends in the Midwest


It's almost a full circle for me -- a complete 12 year cycle of the Heartland experience in Central Iowa. And I have loved it all. A big thank you to all of you who have welcomed me here and made life so exciting.

So before I leave (mid Septemberish), I am offering sessions at special prices throughout the month of August. Come for a booster, a recharge, or for a completely new experience. See if one talks to you.
Personal Healing Intensive via phone/Skype. 75 min. @ $90 (reg. $125)

Personal Healing Intensive at studio location. 75 min. @ $100 (reg. $125)

SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) Energy Clearing  via phone or Skype @ $1.50 per min. (reg. $2) Takes around 40-50 minutes-- occasionally a little longer.

 EFT/TAT sessions via phone/Skype 50 min. @ $75 (new)
(Emotional Freedom Technique -EFT. Tapas Acupressure technique --TAT)

Access Consciousness Bars Activation 60 min. @$90 
(brand new service and in person at the studio location in Urbandale).

Personal consultation and mentoring on
Creating your own Life Goal Strategy
Applying the Law of Attraction
Healing Relationships
Meditative Therapies
How to set up a Energy Healing Business
By phone/Skype @ $90/hour and $100 in the studio location (Urbandale).

If you are trying this for the first time, I do have a 20 minute complementary phone consultation. Do 

Take a look at how others have experienced these sessions in the testimonial section in the right hand column on my web pages. 

Please reply to this email, or call me at 515.720.9520 for an appointment. Would love to hear from you and have the opportunity to work with you.

Also take a look below at the classes coming up in the next month.

Love and God Bless,

Summer Workshops Schedule for Central Iowa:

 August 6 & 13

Emotional Freedom technique 
Mondays, 7.00 PM to 9.00 PM, $42.00
Venue: 3290, 100th St. Urbandale, IA,

EFT is a simple and effective technique that works to release deeply held physical and emotional trauma. Based on the science of the body's energy meridians, strategic acupressure points and thought fields, this method is progressively helping people deal with problems - from fears, phobias and depression to allergies and chronic pain. EFT has also been effectively used to release negative thought patterns at the root of our emotional as well as physical problems.

The first night the class will focus on the basics, the second on getting to the root.

Click here to register.

 August 25 & 26, 2012
Bridge Across the Chakras: Accessing Everyday Creativity 

Saturday 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM, Sunday. 9.30 AM to 4.00 PM
Venue: 3290, 100th St. Urbandale, IA,
Price: $325.00. Only $ 265.00 to register by August 10th.

We evolve through the energies of our Chakras. Our chakra system extends far beyond the seven major ones and holds information and impetus for growth at different times in our lives. It is necessary that we complete each stage satisfactorily and move smoothly on. When we have unresolved matters, we may keep getting snagged in our evolutionary path.

In this two day program:
You will get a comprehensive understanding of the nature of your chakra system and their intricate connections to everyday life.
You will get a new perspective on matters that bother you, stress you or overwhelm you. 
You will use energy tools to address chakra issues that may still require resolution.
You will access the creative energies of your higher chakras to resolve your issues.
You will learn to open/close, clear and balance your chakras and so your energy field.

Practice these tools on yourself whenever necessary and also teach your loved ones. 

This is a state-of-the-art course on the subject incorporating information from new research.

September 8

Chakra Workshop in Ames

Saturday: 10 AM to 4 PM
Location: Ames Yoga Studio, 327 Main St., Ames, IA
More details from: Ruthann Hadish 515.291-9642

Love to see you somewhere.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bridge Across the Chakras: Accessing Everyday Creativity

One of the biggest dilemmas, I find people going through at this time, is to determine how to apply the spiritual principles in their everyday lives. We are naturally drawn to spirituality, we have studied the new age knowledge, we have read the 'Secret', we like to believe we create out own reality, we love the idea of 'oneness' and being connected, we want to open our hearts and act out of love, we have sincerely done our forgiveness work, and yet things happen around us that at times plunge us right back into rerunning old patterns of guilt, insecurity, anger, blame, frustration or just feeling overwhelmed.

So what happens? Why do things we thought we had dealt with come back? Why is it so hard to stay in the wonderful space we find in our meditations? How is it that some folks bring out the best in us, and others the worst? Yes, yes, it's all a mirror, I know, but what am I supposed to do with what I see?

The secret lies in the Laws of Energy and Principles of Vibrations that are only becoming clear to us now. Spiritual wisdom and scientific evidence are coming together. It is all very thrilling.

I am excited to offer a weekend program on Bridge Across the Chakras: Accessing Everyday Creativity. Save your weekend of August 25th and 26th for this in-depth course.

It is an updated version of 'energy biology' if you will. We evolve through our chakra energetics. Many of us have learned an array of energy healing techniques and tools. Once we understand the quality and function of each if our chakras, we can also determine which technique is the most effective to clean, clear and balance and move to the next. The more I learn, the more excited I am to share. No longer do we need to live as victims of our circumstances. There is a logical step by step way to move into the creative potential of our greater intelligence.

Come to Des Moines for the weekend. It will be well worth your while, I assure you.

 -- your guide to a fun and fulfilling life.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Rubber Band Effect

Did you know that we are constantly operating between two opposing forces?

There is the one which is our life calling us to move forward, to grow, to explore, to create, to experience new adventure, to live richly. This part is attractive, inviting, exciting, makes us feel the promise of the future, generates hope and energizes us. This is our spirit, our future calling.

Then there is the counterpart -- the part which tells us to be careful, there are unseen dangers, we may not quite be up to it, it will take more preparation, qualifications, degrees, experience before we can take that journey. This part is clearly concerned about our safety, security and comfort. This is our past reminding us what may work and what may miss, wisdom we have surmised from our collective past, our common social beliefs.

Now visualize yourself standing in the middle securely held between these two forces like two rubber bands (or bungee cords if you will). One goes around your chest on one end and to a peg around your future dream that is beckoning you, on the other end. The other band goes around your waist on one end and around a peg in the past from where you are accustomed to derive your sense of security and comfort.

If you feel great where you are, it's cool. When these forces are in balance then we are in harmony, like a guitar string at perfect pitch. Enjoy this space, you are living at your optimum at this time. Sooner or later though your future will call you again and you will want to move in that direction. And you will. It will feel good to move forward, find new ways, read new books, look for another job, find new friends or whatever trips your trigger. 

Now the fun begins. As we get closer to your goal and start changing stuff around us, guess what happens to the other band? That's right, it gets tighter. The more we follow our heart, the more our fears come up and pull us back by the waist. New fears that we didn't even know we had start to emerge. Suddenly we start to worry whether or not we are capable, worthy, deserving, supported, qualified, experienced, clearheaded, loyal, sane and so on.

And so it will be. The more glorious the dream, the greater its pull. And the closer we get to it, the tighter the noose around the waist, until it becomes so painful that one or the other has to give.

The question is which? Will 'safety and comfort' snap us back to the old ways? Shall we abandon our dreams because all the answers are not in place yet? Or can we gently step out of the old habit patterns and create new anchors to hold us safe while we pursue our goals? Can we begin to trust in the infinite nature of our being and the greater intelligence that always shows us the way that is just right for us? Can we keep creating new anchors as we take those steps forward one by one?

How have your rubber bands treated you lately?


Your guide to your Spiritual Intelligence

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cement Around My Legs

Mira is one of the most wonderfully loving women I have met. She loves her family, loves living in this city. Her job she says is okay, keeps her going nothing much to complain about. And for some unknown reason, she said,she kept feeling this growing sense of anxiety. Nothing in particular, no specific triggers that she could think of, just this feeling of a 'what if...... ' of the negative kind.

'That is very frustrating', she said. 'At least if I could put my finger on it, I would be able to address it. This nonspecific sense of doom is just tying me down. I can't move forward. It is as if someone has poured cement around my legs without my knowledge and it is solidifying'.

There is a very simple spiritual truth around feeling this way. I reminded Mira of the saying 'if Spirit has brought you to it, Spirit will see you through it'. There is a greater intelligence coming through telling you that you are ripe and ready to embrace your spiritual self, your deeper persona. There is infinite wisdom in you waiting to unfold to show you the way out of those cement blocks, The old ego-centric, fear based formula of navigating the world is over for you. Time to open up to a whole new level of being. And it is time to learn the new rules of the game.

'Trust God', 'trust your innerself', 'trust spirit'..... we have heard it said. But how, you may ask. Just like anything else changing our default thought patterns, conditioning, programs and perceptions require a set of knowledge and skills. Do you know what these are?

Mira and I spent a greater part of the afternoon exploring some of these energy based techniques and knowledge. When we were done, Mira stood up to leave. With a huge smile she turned to me and said, ' The cement around my legs are already dissolving. I thonk I am going to love this work.'

(Name changed to protect my client's identity).

To learn more about Malabika's spiritually anchored mentoring and healing program click here.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Abundance Prayer from World Puja

I dwell in the midst of infinite abundance.
The abundance of God is my infinite source.
The river of life flows through me into lavish expression.
God comes to me through unexpected avenues
and works in a myriad of ways to bless me.
I now open my heart and my mind to receive my good.

Nothing is too good to have happen.
Nothing is too wonderful to have happen.
With God as my source, nothing amazes me.

I give freely to life and life gives back to me with
fabulous increase.
I am indeed grateful.

And so it is.

(Thank you Maureen Moss and World Puja)
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Seven Primary Fears

As I look around I see more and more people stressed, fearful and overwhelmed. The world appears to be spinning faster, and as it does our fears are churning up and rising to the top, to be released no doubt.

Some years ago my dear friend and mentor, Dorothy Cunningham, gave me a lesson on the seven primary fears. Let me share those with you briefly.

The fear of abandonment

This is a primal fear that each one of us holds by virtue of our birth as human beings. It is a reminder of our separation from the source and from the womb. This is not an individual or exclusive fear.  It plays out in our lives over and over again as fear of rejection.

Fear of lack

Resources are necessary for survival. Fear of lack arises out of a mindset that believes that resources are finite. It is based on our memory of physical evolution in which survival depended on control over physical resources. It stems from the ignorance of the fact that the universe is an infinite and all abundant source. This fear plays out in our mentality to hoard and to cling on to things or relationships that have served their purpose in our lives.

Fear of humiliation

This fear is rooted in our lack of self worth - the inability to see value in ourselves. It is the fear of criticism or making a fool of ourselves, because our sense of worth is so dependent on approval and recognition by others. It plays out strongly in our constant need to conform and be socially accepted.

Fear of pain and illness

Pain and illnesses are signals that call to us to change the way we conduct our lives. Till such time we are able to accept this view, we will continue to see pain and illness as random external events on which we have little control.

Fear of aging

Fear of aging is rooted in our judgment that youth is somehow more desirable and superior to age. It is our inability to perceive the richness of age.

Fear of failure

There is no such thing as the fear of failure. It is our fear of success. Successful people have historically been persecuted, ostracized, envied, robbed or murdered. Our collective psyche recognizes success as an unsafe experience. So we camouflage it as fear of failure. And by dwelling on failure we sabotage our chances of success, and actually fail.

Fear of death

Fear of death is really the fear of change. We resist change because there is greater comfort in the known past than to venture into the unknown future. The journey to spirit is a journey into the unknown. Resisting change kills our spirit. The more we fear death, the closer we draw it to us by denying life.

These are our mind's conditioning and interpretation. Once we allow the mind to get a new perspective, our fears slowly melt away and peace returns.
(Note: Over the last few years over 300 individuals have participated Malabika's Mentorship Program to work through their fears and feel empowered. )
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