Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bridge Across the Chakras: Accessing Everyday Creativity

One of the biggest dilemmas, I find people going through at this time, is to determine how to apply the spiritual principles in their everyday lives. We are naturally drawn to spirituality, we have studied the new age knowledge, we have read the 'Secret', we like to believe we create out own reality, we love the idea of 'oneness' and being connected, we want to open our hearts and act out of love, we have sincerely done our forgiveness work, and yet things happen around us that at times plunge us right back into rerunning old patterns of guilt, insecurity, anger, blame, frustration or just feeling overwhelmed.

So what happens? Why do things we thought we had dealt with come back? Why is it so hard to stay in the wonderful space we find in our meditations? How is it that some folks bring out the best in us, and others the worst? Yes, yes, it's all a mirror, I know, but what am I supposed to do with what I see?

The secret lies in the Laws of Energy and Principles of Vibrations that are only becoming clear to us now. Spiritual wisdom and scientific evidence are coming together. It is all very thrilling.

I am excited to offer a weekend program on Bridge Across the Chakras: Accessing Everyday Creativity. Save your weekend of August 25th and 26th for this in-depth course.

It is an updated version of 'energy biology' if you will. We evolve through our chakra energetics. Many of us have learned an array of energy healing techniques and tools. Once we understand the quality and function of each if our chakras, we can also determine which technique is the most effective to clean, clear and balance and move to the next. The more I learn, the more excited I am to share. No longer do we need to live as victims of our circumstances. There is a logical step by step way to move into the creative potential of our greater intelligence.

Come to Des Moines for the weekend. It will be well worth your while, I assure you.

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Sushweta.m said...

Sounds really fantastic. But how do I go to Des Moines ? Lovingly Sushweta