Monday, July 30, 2012

August Special for Friends in the Midwest


It's almost a full circle for me -- a complete 12 year cycle of the Heartland experience in Central Iowa. And I have loved it all. A big thank you to all of you who have welcomed me here and made life so exciting.

So before I leave (mid Septemberish), I am offering sessions at special prices throughout the month of August. Come for a booster, a recharge, or for a completely new experience. See if one talks to you.
Personal Healing Intensive via phone/Skype. 75 min. @ $90 (reg. $125)

Personal Healing Intensive at studio location. 75 min. @ $100 (reg. $125)

SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) Energy Clearing  via phone or Skype @ $1.50 per min. (reg. $2) Takes around 40-50 minutes-- occasionally a little longer.

 EFT/TAT sessions via phone/Skype 50 min. @ $75 (new)
(Emotional Freedom Technique -EFT. Tapas Acupressure technique --TAT)

Access Consciousness Bars Activation 60 min. @$90 
(brand new service and in person at the studio location in Urbandale).

Personal consultation and mentoring on
Creating your own Life Goal Strategy
Applying the Law of Attraction
Healing Relationships
Meditative Therapies
How to set up a Energy Healing Business
By phone/Skype @ $90/hour and $100 in the studio location (Urbandale).

If you are trying this for the first time, I do have a 20 minute complementary phone consultation. Do 

Take a look at how others have experienced these sessions in the testimonial section in the right hand column on my web pages. 

Please reply to this email, or call me at 515.720.9520 for an appointment. Would love to hear from you and have the opportunity to work with you.

Also take a look below at the classes coming up in the next month.

Love and God Bless,

Summer Workshops Schedule for Central Iowa:

 August 6 & 13

Emotional Freedom technique 
Mondays, 7.00 PM to 9.00 PM, $42.00
Venue: 3290, 100th St. Urbandale, IA,

EFT is a simple and effective technique that works to release deeply held physical and emotional trauma. Based on the science of the body's energy meridians, strategic acupressure points and thought fields, this method is progressively helping people deal with problems - from fears, phobias and depression to allergies and chronic pain. EFT has also been effectively used to release negative thought patterns at the root of our emotional as well as physical problems.

The first night the class will focus on the basics, the second on getting to the root.

Click here to register.

 August 25 & 26, 2012
Bridge Across the Chakras: Accessing Everyday Creativity 

Saturday 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM, Sunday. 9.30 AM to 4.00 PM
Venue: 3290, 100th St. Urbandale, IA,
Price: $325.00. Only $ 265.00 to register by August 10th.

We evolve through the energies of our Chakras. Our chakra system extends far beyond the seven major ones and holds information and impetus for growth at different times in our lives. It is necessary that we complete each stage satisfactorily and move smoothly on. When we have unresolved matters, we may keep getting snagged in our evolutionary path.

In this two day program:
You will get a comprehensive understanding of the nature of your chakra system and their intricate connections to everyday life.
You will get a new perspective on matters that bother you, stress you or overwhelm you. 
You will use energy tools to address chakra issues that may still require resolution.
You will access the creative energies of your higher chakras to resolve your issues.
You will learn to open/close, clear and balance your chakras and so your energy field.

Practice these tools on yourself whenever necessary and also teach your loved ones. 

This is a state-of-the-art course on the subject incorporating information from new research.

September 8

Chakra Workshop in Ames

Saturday: 10 AM to 4 PM
Location: Ames Yoga Studio, 327 Main St., Ames, IA
More details from: Ruthann Hadish 515.291-9642

Love to see you somewhere.

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