Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Four Bodies: Rekindling the Vehicle of the Soul - Set your calendar...

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The Four Bodies: Rekindling the Vehicle of the Soul
By Darreck Chen

During its journey to earth school, our soul is equipped with and housed in a multi-dimensional vehicle comprising Four Bodies, that keep us connected to higher consciousness. Without this vehicle, the soul cannot experience life here in the 3-D reality of mother earth. This vehicle is an advanced and sophisticated piece of "tech" in creation. Unfortunately, many of us are not aware how precious and sacred this gift is and so forget to love and care for it. Sometimes we misuse or abuse these lower bodies which then deteriorate and veer off course. In this session, Darreck will share his real-life experience of how avoidance of personal-power led him to accumulate negativity in these four bodies causing addiction, relationship problems and financial crisis. Hear how he bounced back and overhauled his vehicle upon receiving the Wisdom of The Four Bodies, and manifested the lifestyle he always desired. Darreck will also do a group reading based on the Body Maitre System for the participants, and facilitate a group healing session. Learn more...

Thursday, November 19, 2020
11 AM to 12 noon US & Canada East Coast Time.

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Online via Zoom from any place on earth.
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There is no fixed price for this program. Heartfelt free will donations will be gratefully received to support us to continue to offer such discourses. This is not a requirement to participate.

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