Friday, April 9, 2021

The Wisdom of Gene Keys - An Introduction

An Introduction

Whenever mankind is ready for the next tide of evolution, higher consciousness offers a gift of treasured wisdom to be lived. Such are The Gene Keys - a potent tool for transformation. It synthesizes different streams of knowledge from I-Ching, Astrology, Human Design to the study of Genomes. It offers insights into the genetic coding embedded in our DNA that holds the key to our unique purpose and a guide map towards fulfilling it. 

If you are seeking greater meaning in life, the Gene Keys Personal Profile lays out a unique map to Self-realization and a compass to the voyage towards our soul's destiny. Step by step, we emerge from our shadow selves and learn to express the gifts we were destined to share with the world.

In this session, let me introduce you to the main features of this course of study and get you started on your journey. Should you be inspired to venture ahead, you can download your free personal profile in advance at the Gene Keys Website.
A Presentation by Malabika Shaw

Friends, please join me for an hour long conversation on the Gene Keys.
I'd love the opportunity to tell you more about this self study course that is deeply transformative. It unlocks the deeper mysteries within us. Allow me to share my experience as this approach is quite different from anything else I have done.

Should you feel called to take this journey, the next Study Circle to learn together with mutual support, starts in May '21. All are welcome.

This presentation is complimentary.
Sat: Apr 10, 2021, 12-1 PM US EDT
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