Thursday, August 27, 2020


Throat Chakra - Words Have Meaning

The other day I heard someone say “Words are spells”. Metaphysically speaking we cast spells with our words – both benevolent and maleficent.  We hold amazing power in our throat center (Visuddhi Chakra). Harnessing this can significantly alter our life experience.

Recently, I had an exchange on this with my young entrepreneur client navigating a particularly challenging phase at work. This is how it went. 

Client: I have a question. You invited me to not use the word overwhelm. There are moments I start panicking and feel a little breathless. I confirmed an important contract today and have been feeling like that ever since. I noticed just saying that I am feeling overwhelmed helps me acknowledge these overpowering sensations. What’s another way I can do this authentically for myself? I feel a little unsure on how to approach it.

Me: I agree the words may help you process, but they also keep you stuck to the old paradigm. By all means recognize how you feel, but don't name it. Thinks thoughts like 'I notice what is going on within me. I can feel it. It is not comfortable, I need to take a few deep breaths. I am looking for the cool confident me amidst all this, it is hiding here someplace, need reassurance that it is safe ..... and so on'. It will feel as if the greater Self is taking over, one that is not so critically identified with the fears. Helps your energy shift.

The danger of using words like 'overwhelm', 'panic', 'confusion' etc. is that they will quickly plug your energy back into the collective mind’s fears and create a back and forth flow. It's all very well when we are looking for safety in being a part of the herd. It does little to help explore your own strength, originality and creativity. That is path back to Self. It has to start within. Every little tool helps.

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