Thursday, August 20, 2020

Scary!!! Is it?

This word is showing up more and more when I visit with friends and family, by and large well informed, well-meaning folks. As we talk about the goings on in the world, in the country, in the community, someone says – Scary, isn’t it? 

So many otherwise smart, savvy, resourceful individuals, are coming face to face with the outer periphery of their confidence. The future they are looking at -- the one they are equipped to imagine, envisage and predict - is downright scary. 

This is a great opportunity.

We are fearful when we feel powerless. When we believe an outside force can overpower us and strip us of what we hold dear, we are scared. Yet it still is only in the realm of a possibility. And it is standing on the strength of our belief.

Yes, it may look plausible, even likely. Yes, such dynamics may have played out in history with the outcome we are fearful of.  Yet, this precisely is the occasion when we need to remember our power to create, to choose, to change. This is exactly the time to recall that the energy vibrations we put out with our thoughts, words and emotions create outcomes in the 3D.  This is the moment when our spirit is calling us to well informed conscious thought and action.

We get to consciously refuse to engage with our fears and spread the poison. We get to look deeper within for the courage and wisdom our minds have accumulated. We get to remember those who had the audacity to stand up to oppressors and foster change. That daring resides in all of us who love life. It can be called forth through our faith – our faith in humanity, our faith in our evolution, and our faith in ourselves arising out of our innate connection to Supreme Source.  

One other very important thing to remember -- fear is a great tool in the hands of the oppressor. Throughout history generating fear has been used to enslave, exploit, dominate and even expunge people. It is time we refuse to participate in the game – on either side, as perpetrator or as victim. We will hold on to our truth coming from our spiritual connection, build bold, clear, inviolable boundaries and remind others to quit the field of fear. We start by withdrawing attention from that which is ‘scary’ to placing it on that which evokes ‘gratitude’.  And ‘appreciation’. That is what we talk about, and feel and broadcast. And watch the world transform. 

Malabika Shaw
Your spiritual guide to Be, Live, Love
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